Thursday 31 July 2008

Something Happy

Since we got our cat, the grandkids of our next-door-neighbours have started to find our house irresistible. (There have been an awful lot more balls lost over our back fence since he arrived, that's for sure. This usually results in a knock on the door, some patting of the cat, some playing of the piano and maybe a jellybean or two. Or twelve. Hey, I'm not above bribery). Anyway, yesterday evening there was a knock on the door and it was J, who is 11, with a present for us:

It's acrylic on canvas, and I think he's very talented. Especially great is the fact that the cat is sleeping on the rug - every time J comes over, the cat runs away from him and hides on the rug under our dining table. He said that he was going to paint a table as well, but then we wouldn't have been able to see the cat. I love it!

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