Monday, 28 July 2008

Other cultures have so much to teach us

Here's what I learned this week:

From the Germans:

The joys of Aldi. We've just got a new Aldi supermarket (almost across the road - certainly less than 50 m away) and it's a ton of fun. Turns out that if you provide no customer service at all, expect people to queue for hours and never provide the same stock two weeks running, you can sell stuff really cheap. I guess it must work, because here's me trying on glasses, and I don't even need glasses. More helpfully, they had traffic-light packs of three peppers for 69p, so I bought four packs - this was on Thursday- and we've eaten all twelve already. I'll definitely be going back .

From the Japanese:

The joys of a growing international student population on campus. Turns out that you can make delicious savoury snacks out of peas. Who knew??

I'm hoping that our adoption panel will view my growing cultural awareness with the awe and respect it deserves.

More to come, I hope. In other news - still no medical appointment. But our social worker did call on Saturday and we've set up our first meeting - August 11. This will be the meeting at which we set the date of the other NINE meetings we need - each will be about three hours, apparently. At least nobody can accuse anyone of not being thorough.

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