Best Of

I've been blogging for nearly five years (five years!). That's a lot of archives, and I don't have any clever way of sorting them out. (Note from 2013-Claudia to 2008-Claudia - you really, really should have used tags when you started writing this thing, honey).

So, since nobody wants to read five years of archives to get a feel for what this blog is about, here's some of my favourite posts, in no particular order.  These are mostly posts about stuff, rather than posts about our story, so you can read them in any order.  If you want to read more about our story... did I mention I wrote a book?

Oh, and if you want to work out where all these posts fit in... we adopted our babies in October 2009.

adoption, ethics and big thoughts

The Wall: A Map of Adoption Ethics According To Me (Part One) (Warning: this is loooooong)
The Periscope and the Dam: A Map of Adoption Ethics According To Me (Part Two) (Another warning: so is this!)
Adoption: On Earth As It Is In Heaven? 
The One With All The Privacy
Queueing for Starfish
Adoption Paradigms
My Children Are Not Educational Toys
When The Problem Is Me
The 'O' Word
It's Been A Year
Thirty Three Short Thoughts About Being Conspicuous

life, motherhood and small thoughts

Fundamental Error
Mother's Milk 
I Blame Post Feminism 
The Thing About Pinterest
Welcome To The Club
On Waiting 
Stretch Marks
I Like Doing Other Things Too
A Horrifying Moment of Startling Clarity 
Like You've Just Stepped Out Of A Salon
A Simple Song
Me and Charles Dickens
This Community is Not A Competition
Toddlers and Verbs

Here's a little mini-series about post-adoption attachment. These are in chronological order.

Let's Talk About Attachment (This has lots of links to other people's posts, too)
Attachment Triage

visual aids

A Handy Guide to Racial Stereotyping For White People
Clues About My Mental Health
My Life in 2011: A Summary