Saturday, 12 July 2008

A note and an apology

This is the note:

I really meant to start this blog a long time ago. I've learned so much from reading about other people's experiences and I have felt that strange AP urge to write, write, write so a blog has seemed logical. However, I really didn't want to start anything until we had made our big decision and knew that we were going to go ahead, which is why this blog only got off the ground a week ago. I'm glad I waited, but it means that I never blogged about any of our decision making process or what I was thinking before it came time to hand over the money and sign on the dotted line. So, I've decided that I'm going to create a few 'back in time' posts, and like any good historian (not that I'm a historian) I'm going to use primary sources. Of course, the only primary sources I've got are the emails I sent to friends, and I found a whole load by putting 'adoption' as a search term into my gmail.

This is the apology:

I've decided that I'm going to copy and paste some of what I wrote into a few posts, although I won't tax your patience with too much. There isn't all that much that is new, and I was embarrassed when I read through to realise how much I repeated myself. Of course, they're going to be totally out of order but I'll write the date when I wrote the email at the top. I'm sorry if this seems really weird. I promise that I wasn't planning to cannibalise our correspondence at the time. I won't use anything that anyone else has written, and I will cut out anything that refers to the person I was writing to, because I do have some principles

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