Friday 18 July 2008

Back in Time - or not

A few days ago, I had a plan. I had kind of meant to start this blog a long time ago, but never did, for complicated reasons (Bet you didn't know laziness was complicated. Okay, actually it wasn't just laziness - I didn't want to start it if we weren't going to go ahead with the adoption option so I decided to wait until we were official). This means that I never blogged about any of our decision making processes, and I was planning to include some old emails in this blog as some background instead (that was the supposed brilliant plan - I outlined my intentions below). However, I decided not to. Because:

  1. I reread those emails and they were really whiny
  2. Even more crucially they were really boring
  3. They were usually in some kind of response to specific questions, and i couldn't be faffed to try to pull all of those out and contextualise them
So the blogosphere has been spared. Oh, and also:

4. There are limits even to my self indulgence.

By the way, I realised that I haven't specifically said that I'm in the UK. This would have been clear from the self indulgent whiny boring emails. Instead, I've given myself away by spelling 'contextualise' with an s instead of a z. Truly, the excitement never ends at our house. You should all move here.


  1. I didn't think your emails were whiny and boring at all... well, not THAT whiny and boring ;)

    Love your blog btw :)

  2. Congrats on your adoption journey as well and thank you for the support of my "paper pregnancy" that has become such a huge topic!!


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