Tuesday 16 February 2010

Episode 163, In which Claudia cannot manage to insert any text between the photos


So, this has been the last few weeks. I was going to provide a running commentary, but didn't for three reasons:
  1. I'ts pretty much all cutesy babies, except for one train and one cat and one massive baby-led-weaning-FAIL. You're smart. You can figure out which ones these are, I suspect.
  2. I've just switched blog editors and wow, I thought the photo uploading in the OLD editor was bad. Now I can't seem to insert lines for captions between photos, or paste in more than one at once.  I'm sure it's fixable with a bit of googling, but
  3. I'm hungry, and need to eat my lunch. Like, REALLY hungry. Anybody else find that motherhood all too easily means 12 hours of starvation followed by four hours of chocolate once they're in bed? Surely that's not just me. Surely? I'm such a good role model, really, it's amazing I'm not on TV.

Tuesday 9 February 2010

This should help clear up any confusion

We got a label maker. It's all kinds of useful.

Thursday 4 February 2010

Some Days are Better than Others

After the minor disaster zone that was yesterday, I've had to make a few resolutions to get me through today. Here they are:

1. I will not spill a box of cereal on the floor
2. I will not try to make both dinner and a bunch of baby food in half an hour
3. I will not, as a direct result of rushing from (2), cut my finger and sever a little vein
4. I will not allow the cat to push a lightbulb off the table and then play in the resulting broken glass. Actually, that already was today. I will not allow him to do this again
5. I will not stress if the babies smear orange food in each others hair, but calmly move their seats further apart
6. I will not go anywhere that means I will need to nod and smile along at about forty labour and birth stories
7. I will not worry that finding (6) difficult means that I don't really love the babies
8. I will not have any visitors
9. I will not try to get a double pushchair onto the bus
10. I will cut myself some slack.
11. I will limit myself to 10 resolutions for one day.