Monday 20 December 2010

Day nine

And I'm still sick.

Survived the adoption hearing. In fact, it was a totally magical day. Well, magical in the same way that Voldemort is magical.

Seriously, one of the worst days of my life. Low point was me sitting on the tube on the way home, crying in public because I felt so sick. Ah, happy memories. Other magical moments were the judge being nearly an hour late, which was sufficient time to turn our two well-rested, well-behaved munchkins into slavering monsters who then yelled their way through their hearing. It could have been quite moving - when the judge made his ruling, he said "I grant this adoption because I deem it to be in the best interests of these children, both now and for the rest of their lives." And I kind of felt a bit teary, but J had to take I to the back of the chamber at that point because he was going nuts with silly bending and screaming himself hoarse and in the end I was just thinking 'could you not just go a bit more quickly so we can get outta here?' Like I said, a magical day.

After the pronouncement (probably not the proper legal word, but I'm going with it) we got photos with the judge, who was really incredibly nice. The solicitor for - actually, I'm not entirely sure who she was representing, even though she was there for our case - took them. Unfortunately, there is not one single photo where both children look even halfway presentable. Also, we're not allowed to post any pictures from court on the internet so even if they were good I still couldn't show you. Please enjoy this photo of a fluffy bunny instead:

Well, it was that or Voldemort and I know which I prefer.

I finally got to the doctor on Friday (because getting to the doctor is next-to-impossible when you actually feel sick - WHY did doctors stop doing housecalls?) He listened to my chest and told me that I did not have a chest infection, whereupon I saw my chance of drugs receding and I almost cried until he said 'wait.... do you have a history of.... asthma?' like a gameshow host. And I gulped 'Yes! Yes I do!' and then he opened the doctorial equivalent of the golden suitcase and wrote me out a prescription for a short course of steroids. I don't know if you've ever had the good fortune to take steroids, but they are pretty horrible things. My friend Amy described it perfectly by saying 'they make me want to unzip my own skin and crawl right out'. So ummmmm, yes, that is exactly what I feel like right now. And my gums feel like they are buzzing or vibrating, so my teeth keep feeling like they are about to fall out. I really wish I was making that up. But they (the steroids, not my teeth) do seem to be making a dent in the coughing, and lately when I try to breathe the oxygen tends to go in the right direction, so I guess it is worth it. Just.

Now I'm just waiting for the anosmia to go away. I seriously. Cannot. Smell. Anything. I was so freaked out that I went to my (extensive) perfume collection just to find if anything could make it through the blocked tunnel that is my sinuses. And if there are any perfumistas reading (I know there's at least one) back me up on how bad this must be when I tell you that I cannot even smell POTL. At all. This is a perfume so strong that I keep my bottle inside a sealed box and only allow myself to wear it when it's actually snowing outside, but right now? It's on my skin and I don't even know it's there. Lots of days around here, there is so much pooping that I wish I couldn't smell, but when it happens it turns out to be no joke. I know the babies' usual pooping schedule pretty well (duh) but this morning we had an unscheduled incident that I was totally unaware of until .... ummmmmm, on second thoughts, actually, let's just move on from this topic.

Oh, and of course the babies are sick now too. I am so looking forward to travelling for Christmas.

You know? I have no idea why I'm even writing this. I guess sitting upright at the computer is a step in the right direction towards properly getting back in the human groove again. (<------- most worstly constructed sentence, ever, for which I apologise). As for getting back in the blogging groove? I'm feeling terribly uninspired, but that might be because of the whole wishing-I-could-unzip-my-skin thing. I've pretty much finished the choose your own adventure that I set myself much earlier in the year. I have a few ideas kicking around but nothing is making my fingers desperate to tap at the keyboard. So.... any requests? Any burning questions? Any suggestions?

Right, I'm off to see if I can find that zipper pull somewhere at the base of my spine.


  1. This is an incredibly entertaining post despite your I am very impressed. The fluffy bunny...classic. Here's to hoping you feel better very soon girlfriend. Until then, keep writing. Because even when you are down, you write wonderfully.

  2. you poor thing!

    I want to know how work's going? How's the schedules working with you and J taking care of them and is there a difference in the babies as a result?

  3. I am sorry you are still so sick Claudia :(
    I was on steroids for 12 years so I understand that. They are awful magical drugs.
    I hope you feel better soon and that the babies illness is very short lived.

  4. Oh my gosh- I had what sounds like the exact same, very EVIL sickness. I couldn't smell a thing and coughed so badly that I was kicked out of my family bed (sob) and had to sleep on the sofa. It lasted 16 days. It felt like I was living in a time warp- that the rest of the world was spinning on without me and my absence wasn't even noticed. :(

    I hope you feel better soon. You will! Being a mama when you're sick is just the worst, huh? Here's to better health for you- and soon!

  5. How can you be so sick and so funny at the same time?? I hope you feel better very soon!

  6. I am cruel and terrible, but laughing my head off. I dunno, it was the thought of your gums vibrating... so sorry!!

  7. Hello! been reading for a while but don't think I have commented as my blog was private but now isn't.
    I will apologize in advance as I construct every sentence as your worse one! :) We live in the UK too and also have adopted twins from ET.
    Love your blog and your honesty!!
    Congrats on your re-adoption day and sorry it was well "magical"!

  8. Congrats for coming to the end of the road when it comes to adoption paperwork (until you go and submit paperwork for the second time... right?)! Yay!

    I think you should stay home this year. Stay home and eat cookies and watch movies during naptime.

  9. i thought of a fun blog prompt: C before kids. like, a childhood story. what were you like in 8th grade? give us the scoop!

  10. It sucks to be sick. It sounds like your kids took notes from my kids on how to behave in the courtroom last week. Our judge didn't bother to get all fancy, he went with the quick and dirty get them out of my courtroom now approach.
    Feel better.

  11. The steroids gave you the energy to write even if you thought you had nothing to write about. Seriously, they make you crazy with energy--wild--crazy--frantic--energy.

    Love the bunny. That was like something from Monty Python or something, you know all "and now for something completely different". Loved it.

    Hope you feel better hon. And sorry your big day was a wreck. It still counts and that's the important part.

  12. I am having a Twilight Zone moment - I just started sterioid treatment on day 9 of the chest/sinus cold from hades (and I also have a history of asthma). Here's hoping we both get better soon!

  13. I was thinking about you guys and wondering how the hearing went. Glad it was a done deal. I would have teared up at what the judge said too.

    As for steroids: I love them. I've had awful sinus infections before that nothing can touch except steroids (maybe 2x in my life). And before our wedding, Ted's back and neck were so out-of-whack that he couldn't sit still or sleep. Not good for a wedding. So my great-aunt's doctor in Mississippi gave him a round of steroids, and he was instantly better, like within 24 hours. I'm sorry you feel bad on them. Hopefully the magic will kick in soon. And not the Voldemort sort of magic, but the magical fuzzy bunny sort.

  14. gah on the steroids, so sorry, girl. I hope you got out of your skin ;) And then got back in it, of course.

    Let's see. How about a good story about your husband? Or little details about him? What does he like to read? What's his favorite food? How about how you guys met?

    feel better, friend.

  15. I'm so so sorry you're sick!! I hope by now (since I'm so late to commenting...)you're feeling at least a little bit better!

  16. your life IS fascinating :)

    But thanks for the laugh! also i want to find out if you're okay because you've been quiet...


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