Tuesday, 14 December 2010

I haven't gone anywhere

I'm just sick. Sick. As. A. Dog. Presuming that a dog has skin that burns when you touch it, a cough like an eighty-year-old smoker, dizziness and needs to type this sideways with her head resting on the table.

The last few days have been awful. The babies have been pretty well behaved, but even the most well-behaved children still poop, and get hungry, and try to eat bits of plastic. And it turns out that even the most laid-back children only want to spend so much time in their cots 'resting'. I'm trying to celebrate small achievements, giving myself a lot of pep talks that go 'yeah, claudia! You went down the stairs without falling over!' and 'go claudia! you opened a pack of bread!' and 'well done, claudia! you turned on a dvd for the babies!' but things are rapidly going downhill around here. It's a disaster area. All of which would be JUST about bearable - these things happen, right? And I'll get over it eventually, right? except:

We have our final adoption hearing tomorrow.

At the High Court.

In Central London.

Which means that in less than 24 hours, J and I have to get two wriggly toddlers onto a train EARLY in the morning, then onto the Underground, then into court. And back again. And today I'm finding it hard to stand up. It's been days since I even wore shoes. We were really looking forward to this - it's the end of a LOT of legal stuff that I haven't really written about here, but we will really be glad to see the end of. We even had plans to drink a particularly nice bottle of wine afterwards that's been sitting around for about two and a half years, waiting for just such an auspicious occasion. (Nice, in my house, means that it cost more than £6. And actually, I'm sure this was at least £8, so we're talking beyond nice and into fancy).

But I'm definitely not looking forward to it anymore. The thought of it is bringing me out in a cold sweat - although on second thoughts maybe that was already there. What am I going to do? I'm totally at a loss, people, and asking for your advice. The hearing can't be rescheduled, so that's not an option. But I want your home remedies, however wacky, or advice for looking after babies while sick, or heck, just tell me a joke to make me feel better.

Because I am all out of ideas.


  1. Oh, not good :( Drugs? Apparently the daytime cold and flu tablets are pretty good for making you feel perky. Praying for you to feel MUCH better. xxx

  2. I got nothing (except a whole lot of sympathy). What's the UK equivalent of Nyquil?

  3. Okay. Here's what - I'm hopping on a plane and I'm going to pose as you for the day. I'll work on my accent while I'm on the flight, but please send J out to buy a wig. We'll drug the babies a little so they don't fuss when a stranger picks them up & cuddles them in court. Oh, and you don't mind if I make out with your husband in court a little, do you? For verisimilitude, of course.

    Yeah. I think we can pull this off...

  4. Hot tea with honey and a shot (or more) of whiskey.

    Do you have any friends/family nearby who could help you wrangle the kids tomorrow?

    Good luck!

  5. Liz: We have no whiskey. Do you think vodka would work?? Hmmmmmm, I might just have some anyway.

    Lucy / Jules: I think nyquil is a flu remedy? I think ours is called day nurse / night nurse - will order J to get me some on the way home. Good call.

    Amy: YES. PLEASE!!!!:)

  6. Maybe you should drink the wine before court.

    LOL! No really, I would say you should prop yourself up the best you can. Make good use of cosmetic concealers and cold medicines and get it done and over.

    Congratulations on keeping everyone alive while you are sick. I just got over a 6 week battle with some sort of biological warfare- developed disease. It is SO HARD to take care of other people when you are sick, especially LITTLE other people.

    Hope you feel better and hope the legal stuff works out!

  7. No great remedies! I do hope your day in court is beautiful.

  8. don't do nyquil! in the US we have a DAY version that doesn't put you to sleep like a narcotic. be very careful.

    lots and lots of tea, green tea, add lemon juice, honey and a prayer. and the day-quil type medicine.

    Good luck dear!

  9. Oh, Miss Style Spy, what a naughty one! Do you have the British version of Theraflu? I was pretty amazed at how well that worked for me some time ago. Otherwise, I would say, drink water, drink something sweet, like hot sweet tea, and drink something salty like broth. Drink and drink. Give the babies whatever it takes to get them through the day tomorrow. Give them chocolate milk, cocoa, whatever trips their triggers. Hoping you feel better by morning, friend.


  10. Spoil the kids. Also, take my own mantra that I used as I boarded each plane home from Ethiopia with my new kids, my heart pounding with anxiety 'I can do anything for 24 hours.' I needed a reminder there was an end to whatever hell was about to descend on me.

  11. No ideas! Good luck though!!

  12. No advice, just hoping you feel better. And congrats on the end of the legal hurtles!

  13. Oh dear! I hope you were able to make it today without rolling around on the ground screaming (like I would end up doing). Hugs!!!!

  14. No ideas from me- I just want you to get better.

  15. I am so sorry you are still sick. I finally got a decent prescription (my fourth in two months). How did Wednesday go? I'm hoping you survived?


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