Thursday, 4 June 2009

Good Post Day

Let's get the stupid stuff, the 'oh, per-lease' stuff out of the way first, shall we?

Now that I've got British Citizenship, I've applied for a British passport. (Of course). Bad news is that, in order to apply, I had to send away my original passport. This was a bit risky, of course... even if we were to magically get a referral, no passporto = no aeroplano. (Can you tell I have never actually studied Italian? Yes, I thought so). But anyway, it had to be done, and they don't lose passports VERY often, so I bundled up my little package, kissed it, and sent it on it's way.

I keep expecting my documents to come back - they'll be arriving through the post, and I keep getting false alarms. I had to go to the post office to pick up a secure delivery package a few days ago - I was SURE it was my passport - nope, printer toner. Today, though, I get a package and it's finally from the right people:


Or so I thought, until I opened it. I'm going to show you an actual photograph of the letter so that you know I'm not making up what they sent me:

Just in case you can't read the squidgy letters, it says: 'Thank you for your passport application. Unfortunately, you do not appear to have a neutral expression in the photographs submitted'.

I was neutral! I was! My mouth was in a straight line, no teeth showing, bad hair, unfortunate squint - it was the perfect passport photo.

Tell you what, though, I certainly wasn't feeling quote unquote 'neutral' after I read that. I have to resubmit photos, and I guess they won't be returning any of my stuff until after I've done all that and gone to the back of the queue again. I expect the next letter I get will say: 'Thank you for your passport application. Unfortunately, you seem to be holding a sharp object and a threatening message in the photographs submitted'. Bah.

However!! On balance, it was still, against all the odds, an excellent post day! Cos I also hit the craft-it-forward jackpot from this lovely lady who sent me the most fabulous stash of ethiopian flag cards!

Want to see my adoption announcement cards? Well, you just did :) Did you ever see anything cooler?

I am beyond chuffed - thank you SO MUCH! Also... I have a feeling we're on a similar crafty wavelength here. Those of you who are forward in my chain, you have a hint! Ooooh, the mystery!


  1. ::crawls under desk and cries::

    Your bureaucracy scares the poop out of me.

  2. I have so much to catch up on your blog!


  3. I'm glad you got them...because hubs *said* he mailed them. (and I've found entire bundles of Christmas letters that were "mailed" in our car trunk a year later than the actual "sent" date...)

  4. OMG! A neutral expression is required? I am smiling like an idiot in my passport picture. That is a crazy requirement. I hope they get their neutral-ease full next time.

    I can't wait to get a craft from you! And I love those!

    Okay, so Jon and I think that we want to stay over a night in England on our way back from Ethiopia b/c the flight is so unbearably long and a good friend recommended a rest before doing the second leg of the travel returning from ET, so do you have any recommendations close to the airport (of course, I don't know any flight info so this may be an impossible question to answer)?


  5. Ooooh love those cards! How special :) You are certainly getting help from some very "special" people on your adoption journey. Who even gets to decide when a pic isn't neutral enough? I don't remember our school guidance counsellor mentioning that as a career option (I've got to admit it would be fun though!).

  6. I think rule #9 is my favourite. No dummies, please.

  7. Oh my. I cannot believe a facial expression makes any difference at all. Lee and I immediately had to go look at our passports and found doofus smiling faces. So why does it matter???
    I'm sorry for all this stinkin' bureaucratic crapola.

  8. Oh for crying out loud. That is ME DAVS up above as "ashley". I have too many damn google accounts.


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