Monday, 29 June 2009

Bundling up the joy

So we are progressing with the baby shopping, and we got a moby wrap. For some reason, maybe because of the no-breastfeeding thing (of which more, maybe, another day, although hmmmm, maybe not, because I'm not sure I like what that would do to my search stats ) I really, really want to be a babywearer. I know that babywearing isn't always straighforward, but I can tell you now that I'm going to be giving it a very good try. So, in preparation:

Here I am, practising looking lovingly at my little one, all wrapped up in the moby lotus hold:

Newborn cradle hold this time, still with the bonding face on, like someone slipped me too much oxytocin:

I think that probably someone needs to tell me that all I'm cuddling is a stuffed rabbit. She is cute, though, isn't she?

Bearing in mind that I haven't tried it out with an actual baby, I have to say that my first impressions of this wrap were very positive. It feels very comfortable, and I really like the fact that you tie the wrap in one way, and then there are several choices of how to put the baby in once it is tied - you don't need to learn seven different knotting techniques. One bad point I should note, though - the instructions were remarkably sketchy on where to place the baby's tail.

J clearly isn't taking this as seriously as me:

The evening sort of went downhill from there. He seemed to think that the length of black cloth had given him magical ninja abilities: (he was wrong). Although I later talked him into trying the twin hug hold:

You know. Just in case.
In other news: Yesterday, it was exactly a year ago since we met this little man (top pic is his referral pic): We love you, Kevin. You're not very bright, and you shed your fur EVERYWHERE, but you've been a very bright spot in an otherwise difficult year. This is why I get up in the morning:

And this is why I come home at night.

We promise not to forget you once we have a hoomin baby to love.


  1. So funny! and crazy exciting...

  2. I love that your cats name is Kevin. The funniest pet names to me are those that are human names. :) My friend has a cat Brenda and another cat Roy. It cracks me up. Anyway, I have pics of me and Jon trying out our baby sling before Eva was born with a hideous Hugabunch doll in it. So you are doing much better than us by using a cute little rabbit instead. Do you have any idea of about how long it takes to get a referral now that your dossier is in Ethiopia? Do they tell you 1-3 months or up to 6 months or within the next decade? Every agency is different and it is so interesting to watch another countries process as well. Can't wait until you get the call my friend!


  3. Looks good on you. My neighbor just gave me a 19 pound bag of sand and told me to start carrying it around. Love your kitty's referral pic.

  4. You're all so dingdong cute I can hardly stand it. I want to put you ALL in baby snuggies & tote you around.

  5. I have a similar wrap and it's great. Good idea to practice the ties before there's a real baby involved! Something we all have to face at some point is that Miffy is in fact cuter than any human child. I'm sure yours will come close though :)

    Tell J I think he's found his true calling (ninja that is, although I'm sure he'll make a fine babywearer too). He has me scared!

  6. You are too cute! I loved all your pictures and was cracking up at your description (where to place the tail) as well as J's ninja abilities. I think he's got it down.

    So glad you are getting excited, prepared, and having a little fun through it all.

    "You're not very bright..." Poor Kevin. LOL.

  7. If you really want to see want to see what it is like with a baby in thet wrap try putting Kevin in there.

  8. I am so digging the photos, C. Yes perhaps a sack of potatos might be slightly more indicative of the weighty feel once a baby is actually inserted into the ninja contraption for babies. :) However, that is suppperr fun, very exciting!!!


  9. we have a moby wrap and i LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! SO does Jacob! he gets all happy when he sees me put it on! I think it is SO comfortable. he is 25lbs and I still use it with him! And when we got our referral, JF was flying home from Fiji. I met him at the airport with a teddy bear in the moby wrap and taped a picture of Jacob to the bear. I am sure a lot of people thought I was CRAZY, but it was fun!

  10. I'm with you on the human-sounding pet names. We have a friend with a cat named "Carl." I love Brenda and Roy :)
    We had a moby wrap but never used it. I just didn't have the patience to figure it out, but it looks like you guys are on it. Cool.
    Special ninja powers: looks like he'd get along well with Ted.

  11. Holy crap these photos crack my shiznit up. Really.

    Also? I heart Kevin. He looks like he has squishy thick fur. I love squishy thick fur.

  12. You get the first "I'm home from ET" blog comment. Mostly because, while gazing at the ninja pose, I laughed right out loud at which point Little Bit said, "Mom, what?" only to be not-as-enamored of the shot as I apparently was.

    I think I remember seeing an email asking for my address (among the 875 - yes that is the actual number, not hyperbole - I had when I returned). Because I am living dangerously these days and therefore care not about posting my home address on a public blog it is: 2508 Kirby Ave. Chattanooga, TN 37404.

    If you didn't ask for my address, well, sorry, but now you and the world have it.

  13. Oh yeah, and I heart Kevin too. My biggest fear was that Peenut and Little Bit would have words. Now my prized possession is a pic of Little Bit kissing Peenut.

    Rest assured that Peenut lets very, very, very few people kiss him and NONE of them are under 27. He is sometimes described as a canine demon.


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