Tuesday 2 June 2009

African Geography . Or not.

Today, we got the bill from our notary. It's a lot of money, as expected, so I decided to read the itemisation. Right, here we go.

Prepare notarial certificate. Yes.
Copy documents. Yes.
Request courier. Yes.
Legalisation at Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Yes.
Prepare postal order. Yes.
Phone call to Nigerian Embassy. Collection of documents from Nigerian embassy.


She means Ethiopian Embassy, doesn't she? Doesn't she? This is the first (and probably last) time in my life that I have ever actually WANTED to find out that someone was thinking 'oh, those African countries, they're all the same. Nigeria, Ethiopia, whatever, just type the itemisation out'.

The remaining two alternatives are:

1) Our papers haven't been appropriately legalised, and we have to go back to the government department of doom AGAIN

2) I'd better find a new set of Nigeria-adopt blog buddies, because we're off to Lagos, baby!!

Errrr.... I'll keep you all posted.

*******update: it was a typo. Huge sigh of relief. **********


  1. Yep. You can imagine how THRILLED I was to read that. Still unsure quite what to do about it!

  2. OH NO!!! Who do you even call to find out in this situation??? Please keep us posted!!

  3. Oh no...surely it is a typo...a silly oversight...grrrrrr, I really hope so...although I am sure the Nigerian blog buddies would be lovely ;) [fingers crossed for speedy correction and resolution]

  4. Oh damn. Not good. Hope it gets worked out or we'll be seeing you in Nigeria.

  5. Aah! Well, here's hoping it was ignorance not incompetence... what a thing to wish.

    Can you call whoever has the docs at the moment and ask what seal/stamp is on them? If it has a big ol' star and Amharic script you are good.

  6. Oh geez. I am really sorry about this. I hope someone can explain, and better yet, FIX IT. So sorry.

  7. Oh whoops. That was me, I was accidentally signed is as mr Leebot. Ha. But he sends his "I'm sorrys" too!


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