Friday, 24 July 2009


We are going on holiday for a week.

It feels badly needed. But - it was hard to even book this holiday. It was a leap of whatever-the-opposite-of-faith-is, as we were hoping to be somewhere else by now, and booking it meant we knew that wouldn't happen. But now, weeks later when it's upon us, I'm really glad that we're going.

This week I've been processing some very unpleasant feelings. They are mostly: envy, resentment, impatience, envy, sadness and did I mention envy? I don't want to go into all the sinister details.

This afternoon at work, I was feeling a bit dismal and my workmates helped me to see that a situation like this calls for some bad 1980s pop.

Do you feel a bit sad, today? Is your life a bit disappointing? Did you hope that July 2009 would turn out a bit different to how it did? Well, I can recommend a dose of this:

Don't you feel a bit better about your own hair now, at least??

It makes me happy just to be on the same planet as this song:

and the one that started it off in the office was this. Truly, truly awful, but I defy you not to sing along with the wa-oh, wa-oh, wao-o-ohs:

(For those who can't get enough, I also recommend his website - did you know they have a John Farnham forum? Or you could always join the fan club! Except that then I don't think we could be friends anymore).

Another one that's so-bad-it's-good - strangely brilliant melody, but is this THE worst video ever made?

Anybody still with me? If so, here's your reward for sticking with it:

There's just no way you're not feeling happy after watching that video. Come on - you're dancing now, aren't you? You'd better be.

So, happy weekend dear blog friends. I'll be back soon - and that referral had better not come while we're on holiday!


  1. Ah ha ha ha! I love it!!! I was feeling those unpleasant feelings myself just now and then I read your blog....

    That Lionel! He is crazy....dancing on the ceiling and all.

    Ah, the '80's I remember them well.

    Have a very safe and happy holiday!

  2. I LOVE 80's Pop! ....even when it's bad I love it! :) I stuck through your post and enjoyed every minute of it. Thanks friend! That Lionel Richie album was my very first record...I won it at a PTA (parent teacher association meeting) in elementary school. :) And I had never seen the Afric video before. Wow. Lame. Have a good weekend! If July is not our month, then I hope August is (please God, for the sake of all that is good!)...:)


  3. Love the Bangles but I really love that Toto song. May have been the start of my love affair with a whole continent (c. 1982). Geez is that video ever lame. Totally worth watching if you get to hear the song though. Little Bit was singing along (and I use that term very loosely) until it got to the first Africa part and then he listened with rapt attention.

  4. I got my jewelry!!! I LOVE it!! Thanks! you, my dear, are going to get you own post!



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