Monday, 13 July 2009

Achievements and Goals

Because I am a lucky, lucky girl, I have a staff development review for work on Tuesday. The main purpose of this review is to look forward into the next year, agree a set of objectives with my manager, plan any training that might be necessary, and discuss how the goals and achievements for the coming year will help with overall career progression. Of course, when my SDR was first mooted, I agreed happily, blithely assuming that it didn't matter what I said yes to because I wouldn't be here when the time came. (Boy do I have a growing list of things that I said yes to for the same reason, and am now regretting). But suddenly, it's tomorrow and I'm still sitting in the same chair staring out the same window and I guess I'm going to have to do it after all.

I did, briefly, try to get out of it by saying that my main goal this year was to leave, and that there mightn't be very much point reviewing me. That didn't go over as well as I had hoped, and so in the end I had to come up with a list of points for the discussion at the meeting. Here's my honest set of goals:
Goals for the coming year:
  • Adopt a baby
  • Bring home baby
  • Play with baby
  • Sing to baby
  • Spend time with baby
  • Learn to tie baby into sling

Training Required:

  • Expected to largely be ad-hoc, self-directed learning, largely from the moby wrap instruction manual.

How will goals be monitored?

  • At end of year, will inspect house to determine whether a baby lives there. If yes, major goals have been achieved.

Bah. Something tells me they're not going to buy it.


  1. love this... I, too, have had a self review or two where bogus goals must be made up. sometimes on the spot.

  2. hahahahaha, learning to tie the baby in the sling is a tricky one:o)

  3. LOL! Let me know how that meeting goes for ya. ;) Make sure that you inform them that your pre-baby job duties and planning will entail baby day-dreaming.

  4. I have so totally been there! I had to make a professional development plan for this school year and I half-assed it because I figured I wasn't going to be there in the spring when we met to review my progress. Oops! I spent the week before the review scrambling like a madwoman to at least appear that I tried to meet my goals. No matter what fake goals you have to come up with, I hope you meet true goals this year. . .the sooner, the better.

  5. At my last review I let my then boss know that I was leaving to stay home with the kids. I totally understand and love your goals. Too funny.

  6. Oh my, if I had to do a professional development plan, I do not know who would laugh more, me or my boss. I love your goals! Yes, the sling thing is complicated, right? I have no clue. Whatsoever. I just think, nothing around the neck ;)


  7. I am finally learning how to get Olly into the Snuggly thing by myself. I actually took him blackberry picking on my back. ha ha

    Can't wait until your *major* goal is achieved!


  8. I posted a pic of me in my shirt on my blog! :)

  9. Hey! I think that would be cool to have our pics in our Liminal State shirts on your side-bar! :)

    Go Team!


  10. OMG, these are the best work related goals ever. I'm hoping every last one of them come true!


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