I'm Claudia and this is my blog. I never quite know what to write in these 'about' things, which is why I've waited five years to actually create one.What do you want to know? Hmmmmm. IMy husband and I have two children - twins - who we adopted from Ethiopia in late 2009. They are super-cute and occasionally annoying, much like most other kids.  Okay, what else? I really like nachos. My first book is coming out really soon, and I can't wait. I'm scared of heights. I'm a Christian. I live in England. I'm interested in adoption and families and how we talk about ourselves and think about ourselves. I'm also interested in giant rabbits, although I have no idea why. Sometimes when I'm bored I look at google images of them and wonder: are they really real? Or is this some kind of big hoax? I still have no idea.

No, I don't like the title of my blog either, but it's kind of hard to change at this point.

Oh, and another thing. My children are not really called Pink and Blue. Actually, come to think of it, I'm not really called Claudia either. I started writing as Claudia in order to hide my blog from my mother. It didn't work. Long story. I'm happy to tell you my real name, but I've kept blogging as Claudia so that this blog doesn't come up when potential future employers google my name. (And if my current employer is reading this, no I have no immediate plans to look for a new job. Please don't fire me).

I blog about once a week.

Usually about adoption, although occasionally about my hair, or ageing, or Pinterest. 

Only very, very rarely about rabbits.

You can email me on: claudia-chapman (AT) outlook (DOT) com