Monday, 2 September 2013


One of the most popular posts on this blog is the one I wrote last year, after my children's third birthday, about Pinterest.  I absolutely love how many people find it by googling things like 'third birthday cake pinterest' at crazy times of the night. I have this mental picture of crazed, desperate women searching the internet in the final hours before their child's birthday, looking for the beautiful answer to all their cake dilemmas and instead finding.... well, not that.

I do love you though, Pinterestistas, and I hope this special post, just for you, means that I can be forgiven for dissing the big P last year.

I made these postcards for my book. I'm hoping that those of use who have been through the adoption process can relate. If, like me, you love to pin.... here's something for you.

(This is post number three of BOOK WEEK! The countdown is on.... Hypothetical Future Baby comes out TOMORROW!!! Don't forget the facebook launch party is on tomorrow evening, UK time - to work out when it's happening in your timezone, the simplest little online tool I've found is


  1. I'm a frequent reader, never commenter...but I just had to pipe up to say congratulations. What a huge accomplishment! You are hilarious, my friend. It's so immensely refreshing to read something so real about infertility, parenting, and adoption. Also, seven billion or so of my friends are pregnant too. Now I'm off to Amazon!

  2. How did I miss this post? Those cards are hilarious.

  3. These are awesome! And congrats on your book-super exciting!

  4. OK - I just came upon your blog from Essie's. I like you already, even though - since you have published a book,I am not worthy to read you in this intimate blogging space.

    I love, love, love the cards; they are too funny. And am heartened by the fact that only three people commented, so maybe you need my nascent e-friendship after all. (Even though I am too poor to buy books, and too busy to read them any more. Yours could be an exception since I know you now.)

    This is posting under my blog name, usually I post as Annie on Essie's blog. (Shoot! Now I've given it all away.)

  5. Ha - thanks, Nellie! I'm glad you love the cards - and your use of the word 'nascent' won my immediate affection :)


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