Saturday, 31 August 2013

What Its About

"So.... what is your book actually about?" people ask me. I usually say "Ummmm, you know, stuff!  Important stuff! Interesting stuff!" and they generally nod politely, but really, that's not what anybody wants to know.  After all, I think nachos are important and interesting, but I don't think anybody wants to read a book about them, do they? 

"But what is it actually about?"  they repeat, and I always used to think  gosh, I wish I had a back  cover I could point to. Eventually I realised oh right, I guess I have to write that. So I did, and here it is - the back cover of Hypothetical Future Baby: An Unsentimental Adoption Memoir. 

This is what the book is about. 

(This is post number two of BOOK WEEK! Don't forget that I'd love you to come to my online launch party on Tuesday... it's happening over here at the book's facebook page).


Over to you!