Monday 4 January 2010

Project 31

Okay, so inspired by Rana, I've decided to have a mini-crack at Project 365. The idea is that you take a photo every day. Fortunately, on 01 January, by the time I read her post and thought of doing it, I just so happened to have already taken some shots that day. This was fortunate, because the babies were already in bed and I am glad I didn't have to explain to J why I just HAD to get them up at 11pm to pose.
01 January

At the moment, I'm not going to commit myself to a whole year, because a whole year just seems too much to think about. Also, I'm in denial that this year will ever end. See these babies?

02 January
They are just that at the moment - babies. I can't believe how much I love having babies to love. And I keep on torturing myself by thinking about how quickly they are growing up. Already, they are just changing, changing, changing. They have fat rolls now!

03 January
and adorable personalities and I just don't want them to change. I know I'm a walking cliche, but I want them to stay this way forever. They are giggly and squidgy and a lot of work, but they are absolutely perfect. I was going through clothes they have grown out of and I kept wanting to cry because I know that they will never be that small again. And trying to figure out what to do with their baby clothes tears me up inside. Will I ever need these again? Will we adopt more? Or maybe pursue some way of making some homegrown babies? Is this it for me and dribbly, cuddly, roly-poly bundles? I find myself thinking about this all the time, and the bags of outgrown clothes aren't really helping me to feel peaceful about it. Should I keep them, or give them away? J says give them away now, because if it is hard to do at the moment, it would be a lot harder in five years time if we never need them. I think he might be right, but I don't know. What do you think?

(No, really, I'm asking for advice!)

But back to the project.

04 January

At the moment, Im' just going to sign myself up for a mini version I'm calling project 31, and try to take a picture every day in January. I won't be posting them every day, but I will try to post them every few days. If it starts to take over this blog, I might move it to another one, but for now I'm going to post them here as I go. Anybody else want to join in??

************edited to say*************
I posted too early with the photos. Have now replaced 01 and 04 January. Hope that's allowed. And no, I don't think you need a theme or anything so join in!


  1. I also have clothes on my dining room table I need to get rid of/ give to someone.

    I think I may want to do project 31 with you - does it have to be on a theme or anything will do? I take pics of organising, food and babies usually :)

  2. Oh good for you - with TWO babies at home it would be tricky doing the 31 days is awesome!!!

    Those babies of yours...GORGEOUS!

  3. great idea!! my dad just loaned me his super amazing camera so I'm going to give it a go!

    as far as the babes growing up thing goes, know that each new stage is amazing and the the more they grow the more you get to know about the amazing little people that they are. It is magical all they way along. My oldest is 11.5 and I am in constant awe of her. It excites me to see them unfolding into beautiful people! That said I still have moments when I grieve all this growing!

    As far as the clothes go...I keep my favorites and pass the rest on to another mama (my hubby just sigh's and grins)...clothes come and go by the bag full and there is always someone having a baby or wanting to pass on a bag of things that they're little one has grown out of.
    and by the way, those rolls!!!! so cute!

  4. Could you keep some you like and pass on the rest to someone who is adopting or fostering or just had success with fertility treatment? I know for myself that one of the kindest things I've had offered to me was the loan of some special baby items from a friend that gets it. Nobody else has offered to loan or give me anything the way they would if I were pregnant. There is something deeply touching about a mother who "knows" passing things along to another who gets it.... My two cents.

  5. I totally understand about 'will there be more?' feeling. you think, will this be the last baby cry we hear? will this be the last time i do this? every little phase is haunted by "will I ever get to do this again." It's good to treasure the moments and the phases. I like the idea of keeping stuff you love that feels special, and parting with those that don't do it for ya. If all of it feels special, than I actually think it will be easier in time to part with it.

  6. I love your photos! Glad to hear you so happy being a mom :)

  7. They are just too cute and I can't believe how much they have grown and changed. It sounds (and looks) like motherhood is very fitting for you! I'm looking forward to following along your Project 31!

  8. k- since you asked.. keep one or two of the loveliest tiniest outfits. Have them framed... that way they aren't useless.

    The others... send back to the place from which they came. Does the orphange they were at need baby clothes?

  9. We ended up having another by surprise and decided that's enough, so I do get rid of our baby clothes. I sell some to a local shop and we have garage sales about once a year, but I still have so many left. I pick out the special outfits, like the ones they were wearing when we took custody, or went to court in, etc, but I try to sell the rest, even though it does break my heart. The photo idea is a good one, I take a lot but not every day. Might be fun to try though.

  10. If keep going with this picture-thing... you'll have pictures of every single outfit to remember them and maybe you won't have to keep them all! :)

    I'd do the picture thing but unfortunately I don't have Roary's friend home yet so my pictures would be pretty boring. A mug of coffee, me eating chips, Roary, repeat.

    Hee hee!

  11. I love your project 31, beautiful babes! The clothes, I don't know. I have them all, boy clothes. We have requested an infant daughter so I plan to use some of the clothes as they are unisex and otherwise, maybe one day I know exactly what is the right thing to do with them. For now it is okay that I have kept them. I sobbed every time I switched out the clothes when my son was a baby. Now that my baby is four, I steel myself against the tears and chant the mantra, "I am so proud of the person he has become." It gets me through.

    p.s. did I say your kids are beautiful? :)

  12. I can't believe how those little bundles have grown! They are gorgeous.

  13. The babies are absolutely beautiful. Adorable. I love your photography--you are really very talented!

  14. you have such gorgeous babies! You are a marvelous photographer as well!

  15. Oh, C... They are so beautiful. These pictures make me smile & tear up & gasp all at once. They are just thriving with you & J, it's so wonderful to see.

    I agree, FWIW from a non-parent -- save a few favorites and then send the rest on to folks who can use them. If there are more babies later, there will also be more clothes. In the meantime, beware the Stuff Monster, who will pack your house to the gills before you know what's happening (especially with TWO wee Stuff Monster Magnets).


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