Thursday, 28 January 2010

A fortnight of fotos

The last fourteen days or so have felt pretty busy. I'm keeping up with taking my project 31 photos, but haven't posted them for ages because I keep getting snowed under by the constant need to do... stuff. Lately I've been making a really huge effort to keep the house cleaner and tidier - I'm here a lot, and it seems that the cleaner the house is, the calmer I feel. And it's addictive. When it comes to cleaning, it seems that I have only two settings: 'zero', and 'hero'. While we were in the middle of the bone-crushing horror of waiting, I was definitely functioning at zero. Whereas now:
14 January

or something approximating that, anyway. I was very inspired by this post , which linked to this site, which is basically a crazy lady who leads what can only be described as an internet cleaning cult (she describes dusting as 'blessing your home', which freaks me out a little) but dangit, her weekly cleaning programme is fabulous and I'm addicted. A week in, and I hardly even had to clean up when the babies and I had a long awaited visitor:
16 January
they were very happy to see her, honestly, they were just a bit tired by this point.

(By the way - for those of you counting - 15 January's picture does exist, but has been censored by J as being too naked for the interwebs. And I'm sure he's right. But a crying shame - it was CUTE. And then he did the same to 17 January. Nevermind).

18 January saw us having a very tiring day:

at the hospital. We begged for, and were given, an appointment with a specialist paediatrician to do a general check on the babies' health. I know all babies have a paediatrician in the States, but that is not the case here and our GP took some convincing. But when we eventually did get to see a paed, he was truly fabulous, and was the first person to actually sit down and listen to the babies' history and then actually think about what the health implications might be. It. Was. Amazing. Not so amazing was the fact that he sent baby L off for an immediate X ray of her hips, and has now referred us to the hip clinic because he's a bit worried about her range of motion. Obviously if there's a problem we'd rather know as early as possible. And it doesn't seem to be anything major. But 'I think I should refer her on' are words that no parent really wants to hear.

The busyness continued with our official 3 month social work review on the same day. (Needing that X ray means we only just squeaked home in time with two INSANELY tired babies, which is a whole 'nother story). That wasn't exactly fun, but we seemed to get through it okay. The next day, I had to go to a weaning information session at our local clinic, which was not all that useful (are things like that EVER useful?) and afterwards I bit the bullet, went straight to the local supermarket and bought my first packet of baby rice.

It was our first outing in our new side-by-side double pushchair:

19 January
and I have to say, I was absolutely NOT prepared for the difference in the attention we would get - until then, I had been taking them out in one pushchair and a sling. Probably not helped by the fact that the babies' warm outfits are little bear suits and they do look undeniably gorgeous. But I was followed around the supermarket by an audible wave of sighs and whispers about the cuteness. I have never experienced anything like it. I think I unintentionally spread a lot of happiness that day.

What did not spread happiness was the introduction of the baby rice. Notice anything different in my standard 'two babies on a changing mat' photo?
20 January
My two little messy-mouths were not at ALL impressed.

Please, mummy, don't make me taste that again. Look how cute I am. Would you want to make this little face unhappy?
21 January

Well yes, it seems you would. You can torture us as much as you like, but we still have each other. (I came back from washing my hands to find them in this tragic pose)
22 January

I gave them a day off the evil solids for their six month birthday:

which they were pretty happy about. As was I, because it also gave me a break from the horror of cleaning up their new vesuvius-style poos for a day or two. (And seriously. SIX MONTHS? Where has the time gone? And then I remember - oh yeah, we haven't actually had them all that time. So I guess that's okay. Sort of. But SIX MONTHS? Already?)

I took so many pictures of them in their 'january' outfits that I could pretty much hear the camera shrieking in protest. So I declared this week to be kitchen macro week:
24 January 25 January
26 January
27 January
which was fine, but when I was reduced to photographing my dinner on Wednesday night (in my defense, another crazy busy day) I thought it might be time to switch gear again.

I've decided that the last weekday of every month is going to be 'sort out the clothes' day, where I jettison anything that they don't fit anymore. I knew that this month, I was going to have to say goodbye to my favourite outfit of baby I's. It's stripy and velour and incredibly cuddly, and it's baby gap but I got in on ebay for 99p. So yeah, I love everything about it. It was far too big for him when we brought him home, but now it only just skims his knees and is increasingly difficult to button. But oh, it's so adorable. Saying goodbye to this outfit feels like officially saying goodbye to the tiny boy that we brought home.
28 January
See? You can see most of his legs.
And that brings us to today. We have to go back to the hospital for follow-up blood tests, and I'm wondering where on a baby you can draw a significant amount of blood. I guess I'll know by this evening. I think I'd rather not.


  1. I also post my pics every so often - around once a week.... any sooner is madness.

    those babies are seriously gorgeous - I just want to hug them.

    when in July is their birthday? Ours is 7th, Mandibula's (who also reads my blog) are on 20th, so I'm interested. Can't find on your blog

  2. I am also addicted to cleaning. Out of the closet about it. The acceptance stage is nice...

    Those photos are just plain beautiful. Your babes are the same, undeniably scrumptiously beautiful.

    Must go clean my doors now (you know the parts that get all grimey because people touch them so much)....


  3. Your pics make me so love love them. Your babes are getting so chubby-uh-dubby and it's fabulous. I need a cleaning progem, but I didn't see a link on your post...will you send it to me when if you ever have the time (it amazes me that you can clean and cook and take great pics while caring for your prince and rock!). I also feel much calmer in a clean house but it's hard to do while chasing an almost 2 yr old and answering constant questions from my almost 4 yr old. haha. I hope everything goes well with the follow-up are so right...even if it is something, catching it early on can make the world of a difference. Hugs!


  4. Nevermind...I found the links. Thank you!

  5. Addicted to cleaning??? I'm sorry, that makes no sense to me. Coffee, shoe shopping, sushi? Sure? Cleaning? Not so much.

    Addicted to those babies?? No problem there. Oh, they just make me squee and squee and the Cereal Tragedy photo made me guffaw so loud the cat startled.

  6. My word! The pictures are all so cute, but Michael will definitely love the superman one when he comes home from work today!

    I've tried FlyLady, because my mom's been hooked on her since FlyLady began.

    I get "dressed to shoes" and occasionally do the 27 fling boogies... but apart from that, the e-mails and reminders kind of depress me (I'm at work, can't you see flylady? I'd love to be scrubbing my baseboards, but I can't!), so I usually end up quitting.

  7. your picture are fab...I love their little expressions!! soooo smoochable ((sigh)) I would so very much be one f those women, trying to be subtle as I follow you and your cutness around the store....I'd probably tear up too because for some reason seeing lil' chocolate babies, let alone twins, does that to me these days. (think its the waiting?? hmmmm...)
    love the food pic's and babies, two of my most favorite things!
    oh, how do you find your pushchair?? does it fit well through doors? down isles?

  8. Glad I'm not the only hero or zero when it comes to cleaning (mostly zero here if the truth be told).

    I could just eat up those wee babes, no wonder you can't get anywhere with them all gussied up in bear suits.

  9. Sigh. I really wish I could find the motivation to clean...

    The photo of them holding hands in solidarity over mutual hatred of rice made me laugh out loud. I had already noticed in a previous photo that baby I was clutching baby L's finger. Too funny and cute.

  10. I was wondering where you'd gone but then remembered that you have two little teensy babies to take care of. I love the picture of them in their little chairs. But, to tell you the truth, all the pictures were great. Even the grapefruit one. :)

  11. omg! They are getting so chubby and delicious! We have hand holding photos too...makes you melt doesn't it. Wait till they start making each other's crazy cute. Get used to being a celebrity of sorts...the double cuteness gets noticed everywhere and of course the big orange stroller (which is the one we have also) doesn't help any. And start keeping a list of the crazy things people say...cause the orange stroller gives them carte blanche to say anything!

  12. Oh my! I think I would have stalked you at the grocery, too! Your babies are just yummy! Sheesh! How do you stand it?

    And by the way, you are an amazing photographer! What type of camera do you use?

    lots of love!

  13. Well of course people were following you around the store. No surprise there.
    I was really sad about Abe growing out a favorite outfit, actually the first thing we bought for him (interestingly, also from BabyGap, on sale too :)). So you know what? I didn't get rid of it. I saved it, along with several more special things that I'll save for him to have when he's older, maybe with a son of his own (gulp).
    Your macro photos are gorgeous, btw.

  14. I am still here! Following and reading your blog...sorry for the lack of comments lately! 18 months is a busy time of life for my kiddo and therefore me :-)
    I love reading about your life and seeing your babies. They are amazing and I am so excited about the little persons they are! Your pics of them are amazing! Praying for you tonight - You are a great Mom!

  15. Claudia I could look at pics of your twins for hours! They are just so adorable.
    And your photo pics are amazing too--you really are super talented. Thanks for sharing!

  16. They are just too cute. I can definitely see why you were stalked at the store. I'm surprised you didn't have people snapping their own photos of them. (-;

    And oh the torture of the rice!! The holding hands picture is priceless.

    Thanks for sharing them with us!

    I hope the results of Baby L's hips is nothing a little physical therapy can't fix. Many hugs...

  17. lovely lovely pics. the macro shots were really fun. you're finding some wicked light in that house girl. your babies are freaking amazing. soooooo kissable and cute. and BTW, my kids HATED rice cereal. it tastes like crap AND constipated them. we went for the baby oatmeal with a tiny bit of apple sauce in it with formula mixed and that seemed help. good luck dear.

  18. So I have to tell you that it was me that was scrolling through your blog and I do so because when my blog was public and people use to scroll through it, it freaked me out.

    Maybe that's weird. I don't know. Personally, I can't even stand to go back and see what I wrote, I rarely ever do unless of required critical linkage for a new post, so why would I want others to...and that's why I don't have a archive on my blog.

    Not that you asked.

    There was a post I wanted to go back and read that helped me understand something. I found it, but I had to scroll. Just so you know I am not some weird stalker going through your blog.

    I am aghast at how much I use to use ":)" and "LOL!!!" in my commentary. I feel like yacking about that, but I am actually LOLing...


  19. I just realized that per your profile your whereabouts are Yemen. Giggling.

    (I realized earlier I use exclamation points way too much, and really how much is there in the world to truly exclaim about...)

    Do you have email?


  20. Well damn - now I have a subscription to that Fly Lady and will be expected to do cleaning, organizing and other such tasks...damn. I guess if you can do it with twins, I should be able to do it. By the way, twins are simply divine! Amazing the changes and the plumpness...simply divine!

  21. Don't know how I missed this post for an entire week. Beautiful pictures, beautiful babies, who I am not surprised are the subjects of much oohing and awing! One of them alone would be cute but that double cuteness factor is over the top. And I am completely a zero to hero cleaner myself, and was also completely at zero before we got our referral. This past month I’ve been better but fear that I am backsliding to zero again as we await our court date. How many blog posts and comments on other people's blogs in a week is a good indicator of how clean or not clean my house is!


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