Wednesday, 8 July 2009

It's here! (and other miscellania)

  • My T-shirt is here! That is some super-speedy shipping, since it was sent from the States. (Hmm... that sounded a little Dr Seuss-ish). Day off from work tomorrow - it's definitely going to have its first outing. I'm even more pathetically in love with it now that it's here. If you want one, order one soon because it seems they're discontinuing this line (boo, hiss) and there are a lot less than there were last Thursday. Anybody who sends me a photo of themself (or family member, or pet) wearing one can be part of Liminal State's virtual team photo which I am hereby offering to host right here... so far it's just me, so I guess that makes me the lawn tennis singles team.
  • A little while ago, I put my crafting skills to the test with craft it forward. When I finished the projects, I asked some of you to send me your street addresses, but I think the email address I asked you to send to was disabled by google (for reasons unknown... could it be that they didn't like me sending all those emails offering 'real rolex watch and vitality herb manhood supplements'? Spoilsports). Anyway, I'm going to put a comment on this post with my real, working email address - could you possibly send me your street address if you're one of my C-I-F'ers?
  • If you haven't already, you should really read this, and goggle at the incredible pictures (and beautiful writing)
  • A year and two days feels better than a year exactly.


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  2. Oh how I love me some Filoli! And even if I am no longer in a liminal state I must order shirt as an expression of "Solidarity with the waiters"

    If we were friends on facebook you would have already received several cryptic (to other people) messages expressing same.

    If you were worried that I couldn't reply to your addie request, worry no more. I got it while it ET and it was taking 45 minutes to send one email. Only items titled "Your house is on fire, please reply if you would like to have it put out" got a response from me.

  3. Girl! I just ordered the shirt! I'm so proud to now own one even though it hasn't been shipped yet. It is the perfect way to try and sum up this waiting process. I am also SO happy for Courtney and Julie! And thanks for linking to that blog post...amazing. Good people. Good GOOD people.

  4. So many links to check out! Isn't Filoli amazing?

    I loved the videos of both new families...such beautiful ways to capture everything for their new additions.

    I am not a waiting adopter (yet), but very much feel the "wait" and liminal state. We kinda know where we are headed and we know our previous life is over, but we are just working through the transition. Shirt ordered...hope I can join your team...suck at lawn tennis. (-;

    LOL. Love that liminal is not in my spellcheck dictionary.

  5. Thanks C!!
    We keep walking through it!!
    I love your continuing opimism :)
    No matter what path we are on the journey is long and the reward is worth it! In the end we will be united with the babies we are al supposed to have!

  6. I'm terribly glad this feels better than on year exactly! You sound a bit in higher spirits with this post. Sending you lots of good energy for the weekend.


  7. I'm glad a year 7 days feels better than a year. You sound so happy in this post!!


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