Saturday 2 May 2009


Well, with so much stuff going on in my life at the moment (much of it boring, and involving either spreadsheets or moving furniture or scrubbing floorboards or paying someone £270 per hour to do some photocopying, aka getting our dossier notarised) I forgot to tell y'all that I officially got my British Citizenship last week. No, really - I went to a ceremony and everything. It was all a bit weird - J has been really busy at work, and we need to save every day of his leave for trips to Ethiopia, so I went on my own and looked like a TOTAL billy-no-mates (see how well I've assimilated into British culture? If I was thinking in my birth language that would have been nigel-no-friends). Everyone else had about ten family members with them - in fact, one person felt so sorry for me that she asked her friend to take a photo of me with the giant pictureof the Queen that was in the corner of the ceremony room, which she later kindly emailed to me and I definitely won't be getting framed.

So! Explaining all this is really just an excuse for posting my current favourite video, which is named for my home country (although to be honest I don't have the faintest idea why). LOVE this song. And love the man dressed as a tree. This video alone makes me glad that Ididn't have to give up my original citizenship and can be a dual national.

For some dual-nationality balance, here's Lily Allen scooting around London as well. The thing I love most about this video is the cake in the middle. Oh, and does anyone else think she should be wearing a helmet?


  1. hey...just wanted to say thanks for commenting on my blog. And also, about being the Welcome Wagon at the airport for arriving families...I think it depends on the family. I get the feeling some folks don't want a huge overwhelming welcome party (and it is overwhelming)...which I can understand, they've just flown 30 hrs with a child who has no idea what's going on...maybe a bunch of screaming people waving signs isn't the best idea. But if your friends are into it, and want the group event then definitely GO! It is amazing. And take pictures...they really appreciate the photos afterwards. Good luck!

  2. OMG, "billy-no-mates" and "nigel-no-friends"....LOL! (I AM laughing actually, like in real life, Laughing Out Loud, hard, promise!)

    I'm not sure whether congrats is in order for the assumption of British citizenship or not. But, can I say "Bloody" just cause I like to?

    Bloody congrats!!



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