Wednesday 29 April 2009

Just in case you've been living in a mayonnaise jar...

...and didn't know the fabulous news, Courtney and Jason have their referral! Click here and give them some lovin'!

This is loooong awaited. And possibly the cutest referral video I've ever seen. Those kids in the classroom? Priceless! Now all I need to make this the best week EVER in adoptionland is to hear tomorrow that Cindy has passed court. Come on!!!!

**************Edited to say****************

Ummmm, okay, so not only has there been a further court delay (which I hadn't caught up on because apparently *I* am the one living in a mayonnaise jar), also, it turns out that Friday is not the day after Wednesday. Who knew??


  1. They delayed our court date until Monday, from Friday. :)

    But, it's still a pretty good week for adoptionland what with some referrals and court passages.

    Now if your turn would come already!


  2. No! Did they?? So sad to hear that. At least monday is still less than a week away... who says a week has to start at the beginning of a week? I declare this one just started on tuesday...

  3. Hey Claudia, thanks for commenting on my blog. Blue and aqua have been a color them for me since our wedding. I'm only now getting a bit tired of it. And I just watched the Rose's referral video. She was at our house last July for the blogging union. MADE ME CRY, DANG IT!


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