Wednesday 13 August 2008

Cloning my boss

I'm up late because I'm cloning my boss. Ha, ha, ha - I mean in the photoshop sense. Which still probably seems like an unexpected thing to be doing on a Wednesday night.

Some things you don't skimp on, in my opinion, and one of those is having your portrait done when it's going to hang around for EVER. But my boss has just been made into the university equivalent of a Duke or an Earl, and really is worried about the budget in his new fiefdom. And so while most people get this done professionally, he somehow talked me into taking his portrait for the University's corporate booklet. I'm sure I don't need to mention that I did it for free - although technically since the shot itself was on work time I guess not quite. (I don't recall signing up for the late night photoshop though).

He showed me the photos of the other senior people from the corporate booklet, and pointed out the photos that he liked. Unfortunately, they were all clearly taken in a studio with a full lighting setup and I had to gently explain that while I do now proudly possess a flash, I do not yet have £3000 worth of lighting gear. But nevermind. It was an extreeeemely strange experience (taking people's photographs usually involves lots of v. positive feedback to make them relaxed, and 'hey, you look really great!' just is NOT part of my normal conversation with my boss). It's done now, anyway, and it will certainly make an unorthodox addition to my list of responsibilities for my next CV. I'd paste it here, but... that just seems a bit too far on the wrong side of unprofessional.

I realised, though, that I never posted any photos of the wedding I took a few weekends ago. So, for your viewing pleasure, six that I liked.


  1. Cute pics! Nice job on the wedding:)

  2. The photos... they're nice, they're different, they're unusual ;)! I like them alot - I bet the happy couple are pleased with them! I wish our wedding pics were that nice:)

  3. Lucy, your wedding pictures were a big part of the the reason I was panicking so much beforehand :)


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