Tuesday, 26 August 2014


Tomorrow, Jay and I will have been married for ten years. Ten years! I could write something meaningful - or attempt to write something meaningful - about marriage and love and family, but I'm far too tired for that. Instead I'll give you this Spot-The-Difference: Jay-And-Claudia-Have-Been-Married-For-A-Decade-Edition. 



Can you tell what's changed? Just in case you need a little help: 

I could never, ever have guessed what the last decade would hold. I can't imagine what might happen in the decade ahead. But - excuse me while I get sentimental for a moment - there is nobody on earth I would rather have with me through all this - for better; for worse. Here's to the next ten, baby. 


  1. Happy anniversary, you two! I'm about 17 kg heavier than I was at our wedding 19 years ago!

  2. Your graphics crack me up.
    Congratulations. 10 is a very big deal. :-)

  3. You were adorable then but you are now adorable and WISE which is worth a few wrinkles. :) (Amanda)

  4. These two pictures were great! Makes me want to do the same, we celebrated 10 years in May!

    Congratulations on the milestone, hope you have many more.

  5. I hope u dont mind me stopping by. I loved your book, we are in the midst of our homestudy. Congrats on 10, more years to come!!! :)

  6. Really, I think you're taller now. You should add that.

    Happy anniversary! Wishing you many, many more!

  7. Congrats on 10 years! You were beautiful then, and are beautiful now. Love the pics! It's amazing what 10 years can bring.


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