Thursday 27 March 2014

I Just Have One Thing To Say

And that thing is:

Yes, that's a shot of the bottom of my screen saying that I have written 42,694 words of a novel this month. I need to get to 50,000 words. 4 days to go.

I'm behind with everything. Especially emails, because emails require typing and if I have access to a keyboard I'm chained to Squeaky Clean: a story about friendship, love and ....laundry.

(I just made that strapline up, right now, as I was typing. It's pretty awful, but that's okay. That's the spirit of Novel Month). 

Anyway, I'd better get back to it. Nadine is about to try to get her parents back together. (Come on, Kenneth and Yewanda. I'm sure you two still love each other. You've got about 1500 words to sort yourselves out or your relationship is toast).

I think what I'm trying to say is: I'm not dead. But my arms may be about to fall off.

See you in April!


  1. Seriously darling, I can't WAIT to read it!!!

    Put it on the Kindle and I'll buy it - deal?

    PS I'm thinking of making a drastic change next week.... one that will enable me to write my 3rd book, one much less exciting than yours, on time management, Marcia-style :)

  2. Yeah baby. I wish I were tricky enough to take a screen shot like that... I am at 46,343 words this morning and Damien and Rita are getting married and Teresa is about to find out something awful about her parents. So messed up. Novel Month has been an emotional sleepless roller coaster...

  3. Nadine? Kenneth? Yewanda? Hold on a second.. what happened to Martha? The supervisor? The kiss? !!!?! Sounds like a lots been happening in 50 000 words.. looking forward to hearing all about it! It'll be nice to have you back - you've been missed (and any time you want to post that tiara picture on here.. for the facebook-lacking-folk.. feel free ;-)

  4. YAY! Can't wait to read it! Good job--that's quite an accomplishment for one month!

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