Friday 29 November 2013


... that my children are still cute. 

Finally! Some photos that were not taken on my phone.

Moments like this are basically why I wanted to be a parent. It's 11am on aTuesday, and she's wearing her pyjamas, a gold medal and a box on her head. Because of course she is. 

Also moments like this. They went through a brief period of being obsessed with 'wotzing'. It was hilarious. 

This is the picture I look at when I'm reminding myself that actually, my children are not totally devoid of empathy. They are giving their toys medicine to help them feel better. And thank goodness for that.

At the end of September, two of our good friends got married. Pink and Blue were flowergirl and flowerboy. I possibly may have begged shamelessly for this to be the case; I'm admitting to nothing.  I also volunteered to do the photos, which was, frankly, dumb. For future reference - Mother Of The Flower Children is ENOUGH to do on one day. 

I only had to take about fourteen leaving-the-house shots to get one where they are both semi-smiling. 

So big / still so little. 
Face? What face? This is my everyday face.

In fact, we should probably both be models. 

Control your emotions, Pink. 
No, really. 
Control them. 
There's a reason that kissing should be left until we are much, much older. And then not with each other. 
This is probably my favourite photo of them all day. It's just a shame the lady they are snuggling is not me. 
My choices are this one, where  they are clearly thinking we could not possibly be more bored, Mummy

Or this one, where I appear to be part hammerhead shark. Oh well. 

Pink is going through a phase of being really, really into weddings. 
I'm sure the whole 'flowergirl' experience is part of the reason, of course, 

but a few days ago, she was doing something random like eating her dinner when she looked up at me, sighed, and out of the blue said Oh mummy, I am going to be SUCH a beautiful bride. 
And I just had to say Yes, Pink, I think you probably will'.

Another day though - also at random - she looked at me and said Mummy, I do not think that I am very keen on getting married. And we talked about how she doesn't have to get married, and not everybody gets married, and she should only get married if she really, really wants to. 

And she paused for a while and then said I just think that I want to live with Blue for all of the days. 

And if every day was like this, who could blame her? 


  1. I love this. All the pretty photos! All the wonderful thoughts from Pink! And wanting to live with Blue for all of the days? Awwwwww....

  2. Beautiful (and so grown up looking - wow!! Time flies..) And I love your dress :-) (hammerhead shark look and all ;-) (and you of course look nothing of the sort!)

  3. These are fabulous. Thank you so much for sharing.

  4. Love, love, love the photos. So sweet.

  5. Wonderful and stunning pictures. And your pink is too cute - wanting to live with her brother

  6. AMAZING photos!! They are stunning!

  7. Pink's dress is so cute! And both kids are stunningly beautiful. I love this post. (Amanda)

  8. What amazing photos-love them!

  9. I love this post! The photos, the stories, the adorableness, everything.

  10. ohmygoodness .. they are stunning. what incredible pictures! All five of my kids were recently in my sister's wedding and most photos show them being adorable, and me scowling :-) hammerhead shark face beats scowling, permanent 11 on my forehead, anyday

  11. Oh yes, they are still cute. Very, very cute! Love the photos.

  12. Totally giggling at the pictures! I remember the fascination with everything "bride". Mine wore a veil everywhere for awhile. We had pretend weddings in the backyard. These photos and the comments are precious. She will wear that dress until it barely fits over her head and then will still try to wear it, while her brother is saying "What wedding?". Thanks for sharing.

  13. Really love these photos - dress is gorgeous (both of yours), Blue's outfit is so cute and they are ADORABLE together - love the hammerhead shark one (but you don't look anything like it!)


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