Monday, 25 February 2013

It Doesn't Seem To Matter How Many Times I Explain It...

They just keep letting the pigeon drive the bus.

This is probably their favourite book at the moment. Actually, okay, it's mine, but since they can't read yet it amounts to the same thing.

New bedroom, by the way - Jay has FINALLY finished his 18-month-long attic renovation project. We spent all of last week making an entire new bed in our kitchen (what can I say - it seemed like a good idea at the time) and we've moved in even though the room has no bedside lights, no wardrobes, no side tables, actually no other furniture at all - just a bed and some carpet. The whole thing was such an ordeal (Jay did 95% of the renovation himself, and we had a fixed deadline of ten people sleeping in our tiny house last weekend) that all we've done since it finished is sit under the duvet and read stories. And watch youtube. There are worse ways to live, though, right?


  1. I think the bedroom looks lovely and staying in bed under the covers reading all day seems even more lovely!

  2. Okay, I see there's a nice, deliciously soft spot left for me to come slip under the duvet, too. Be right over!

    Love these sweet reading-together moments where I feel like Superhero awesome mom. I have them now and then...

  3. You guys look so snuggly in your bed--looks just about perfect to me. Congrats on getting the reno done, I'm sure you are both breathing a sigh of relief. Those projects always (for me, anyway) turn into a much harder proposition that we thought before beginning.

  4. I can see you guys REALLY liking this one. It's delightful. And so are you three.


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