Sunday 8 April 2012

What's Working For Me: Giving Everybody an Extension

Did I say to write something for the linkup by Friday? What was I thinking? I wasn't thinking at all, that's what I was thinking. I totally forgot that J and I are off work for a week from last Wednesday to this, and I get practically zero computer time when that happens.

This is what it's like: I wake up in the morning and Oh, let's go for an idyllic walk, Claudia, says J, for example. Or Let's go and visit someone and eat their cake, Claudia (although I should probably point out that he does, in fact, usually use my real name). Other times, it's Let's have some more wine and watch a movie during naptime,Claudia or even Let's play with the children, Claudia. Pah!  Tomorrow, I know it will be Let's go and buy half-price Easter eggs from the expensive chocolate shop because Easter was yesterday, Claudia which all sounds very nice but what about my internet time? There isn't any, that's what.

So: extension. I have about three things I want to write about, and that's only going to have any chance of happening if I say the new 'write by' date is now 18 April.

Anyway, he's giving me his Let's look at stupidly expensive houses on the internet for a joke,Claudia face, so I'd better go.

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  1. Wow, good thinking J (aka Mr Claudia) - the half price Easter egg idea is inspired! Count me in.. I'll raid the T******** (not that we name drop!) up here in St Andrews and see what I can find..


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