Friday, 28 October 2011

On October 27...

In 2009: We became parents to two fabulous and surprisingly noisy children
In 2010: I pondered the significance of the anniversary
In 2011:totally forgot the anniversary. I'd been thinking about it a lot the previous week, but on the actual day? Total blank until 11.30pm, when I was nearly asleep. 

In 2009: We ate pizza, because it meant we didn't have to think about cooking and parenting at the same time. The babies drank milk.
In 2010: We celebrated the anniversary with pizza, and hoped it counted as the start of a tradition. The babies refused to taste it. They drank milk. 
In 2011: Pizza again. The day after the anniversary. Because of the forgetting.  The babies licked it, and then cried because of all the flavours and asked for pasta. Then they drank some milk. 

In 2009: I thought ' This is it! Family Day!' but never said it out loud.  
In 2011: I could care less whether anybody is annoyed that I use the term Family Day. Anybody wants to discuss whether or not we are a family can take their turn singing ten rounds of 'the wheels on the bus' first. 

In 2009: I hoped I knew what I was doing
In 2010: I was pretty sure I knew what I was doing
In 2011: I am absolutely certain I have NO idea what I am doing

In 2009: I didn't know them at all
In 2010: I loved them
In 2011: They are so far under my skin that I don't really know where they end and I begin

In 2009: They were yelling
In 2010: They were babbling. And yelling. 
In 2011: They are singing. And talking. And also sometimes yelling. 

In 2009: I was getting sick and hadn't showered. 
In 2010: I was wearing a floral cardigan. I hoped it was channelling the 1940s librarian trend, but I forgot that only works if the whole outfit isn't channelling the 1940s librarian trend. 
In 2011: Last night, I decided that I would try some of the babies' hair products in my own hair. After all, they have dry hair, I have dry hair, right? No. NO. A thousand times no. So today I had to spend the whole day with my hair up as a result. Never. Again. 

In 2009: 

In 2010: 

In 2011: 

Happy Family Day, beautiful babies. We love you more than ever. Here's to many more happy years together. 


  1. Super super sweet and congrats all around!

  2. It's official that they keep getting cuter. Man alive, did they change that first year! I love this last picture--you guys look really happy.

  3. Wow, I had forgotten how tiny they were! Great photos, all of them. And happy Family Day. :)

  4. Happy Family Day! And wishes for many, many more happy days!

    We call it Family Day, too, by the way, and only partly because the way Zinashi says family is incredibly adorable.

  5. Love it!! beautiful post!!

    : )


  6. Happy Family Day to you all!

  7. Congrats!! TIME IS FLYING!!
    I think I'll always picture them like they looked last year. I don't know why. BUt... well I have for a year now.

  8. Happy Family Day, Claudia, J and Pink and Blue xx

  9. Super terrific happy family day! Adorable!

  10. Love this post! Happy Family Day x

  11. I'm down with the 1940's floral cardigan. Maybe next year it will make a comeback?

    And while I was reading the EXACT part about singing the wheels on the bus a million times- Dew Drop was singing it. Synchronicity? I wonder how many children are singing that song at any given time? Or how many parents think they're going to go insane if they hear it one more time? Or how many parents really do go nuts when they're forced by their children to join in- complete with the hand gestures (my fave: the wipers on the bus).

    And I haven't mentioned the cuteness of the babes yet. OMG.

  12. happy anniversary!
    ..and ya, no to the hair products in our hair (speaking from personal experience).

  13. this tells you how dry my hair is: i can totally put in Tsega's hair gunk and it's fine.

    happy family day to you guys, you're so lovely.

  14. Oh just look at those litte, itty, bitty babes!!!!

    Happy Family Day!!!!

  15. aaawwww, happy two years~

    I love this line They are so far under my skin that I don't really know where they end and I begin

    what a beautiful post. and beautiful pics. Love those curtains in the middle pic!

    We (very sadly, since both D and I love food) have no eating traditions.... yet. 2 years 4 months is not too late to start, right?

  16. Happy Family Day!
    Beautiful family!

  17. Happy Anniversary.

    The air products comment made me laugh out loud (literally). My bio (white) son begs and begs to use a little of our Ethiopian son's hair products in his hair. I swore he would look like a grease ball if he did. He didn't care. He thought he looked great ;)

  18. You guys make one sweet little clan.
    Better luck with the babes + pizza next year!
    Happy Family Day!

  19. beautiful post. I so get it. Made me laugh and cry. Thank you and congrats.

  20. Your babes were TINY 2 years ago! Happy Family Day!

  21. happy family day! You look amazing every year and those kids? fuggetaboutit

  22. Love, love it all, especially the wonderful pictures!

  23. Yesterday I realized I've forgotten what day in November we received our referral (two years ago). You've made me feel a little bit ok with that! LOL!


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