Wednesday, 24 August 2011

I Need

To take another month off blogging. 

Lately things have felt a bit too busy and a bit too tough. Nothing awful is happening, I just feel like I'm still (still!) trying to catch up from the time we had in Australia in June. I want to write, but the house is cluttered (and I hate, hate clutter) I never have any idea what we're eating from one day to the next, I'm dragging my feet at work and all I want to do in my downtime is watch DVDs, read blogs and trawl ebay for fabulous handbags. 

You may think I'm joking about the handbags. Unfortunately, I'm not. One day I'll write more about my bag-shopping-stress-transference-thing, but not today. Let's just say it was a Mistake installing the ebay app on my phone. I hasten to add that I've been wasting time rather than money, but still. Still. I've been avoiding working on my book since we've been home, which is crazy, because I love working on my book. I told myself that the ebay searching was actually to help my book, because I thoughtlessly sold the only bag I had that was both big enough to take my laptop and beautiful enough to carry proudly and after all I cannot possibly write this book until I have the appropriate laptop bag to take to the library! And by appropriate laptop bag, of course, I do not mean a nylon zippy thing. Unfortunately. And of course a plastic carrier bag wouldn't work. Oh no. Because so many of the old men at the library really care what bag I have with me. And so do the people who frequent my upstairs hallway, which is where I actually do most of my typing, since I have small children and rarely get to leave the house on my own. Hmmmmm. I've been transferring my stress about all manner of things into this ridiculous quest and today I said ENOUGH!  No more. I marched into a department store and bought a perfectly nice, inexpensive bag that is more than adequate (and I could have bought it ooooh, about four weeks ago when I first saw it but I'm trying not to think about that). Then I swore to myself that I would not waste ANY more time bidding on vintage satchels. Honestly, woman. Get a grip. 

So that is ebay sorted. This week, I've also done a big clear-out in our bedroom, which makes things feel a bit more under control. We also did our first family trip to IKEA on Saturday (milestone!) and bought some decent toy storage for our downstairs. So I feel like the haze is lifting a bit and last night I actually gritted my teeth and re-read some draft  book chapters I wrote earlier in the year and they are not quite as bad as I remember. We're not talking taut, supple prose, people, but it's not quite as much of a seething morass of ME ME ME EXCLAMATION POINT ME ME ME ITALICS ME ME ME EMOTION as I feared, which frankly is a huge relief. 

Obviously, the sentences are all too long. And some of it I have no recollection of writing, at all, which is a little weird. But I think what I'm trying to say is that (now I have an appropriate laptop bag) I need to spend the next month having some quality time with Scrivener and some hot beverages and finding out if I can bully my lazy muse into coming out of hibernation. I'm ready to go again.  I also need to sort out our holiday photos (again, from JUNE!) so there may be a photo or two. But apart from that, I've promised myself not to post. If you see me here, slap my wrist. (Oh, and if anybody can tell me how to remove the ebay app from my phone, I would really appreciate it). 

Wish me luck, people. See you at the end of September.


  1. If you feel you must .... :( I am just getting back into blogging and now you are going away! I will just have to read back posts. Hope the month is very good for you. And OH, do I know all about watching DVDs and doing this or that but not THE thing you really need to do. There is a time for everything.

  2. Best of luck to you, but I will miss you! I will try my hardest not to email you either...with all my baby taking care of questions :)

  3. I hate it when you do this. But, alas, it is not all about me. Write well, Sister. See you in October.

  4. I can't believe how much I'm going to miss you and your words, Claudia. But I think you're wise in eliminating some things from your life for a month (maybe even ebay on the phone!). I hope you can get done what you need to...and then get the heck back here!!

    Blessings to you and yours,


  5. I get this. But I'll miss you! And gutted we won't see you over at

    But, from one overwhelmed writer to another, best of luck! I hope the words sing from your fingers.

  6. good for you! when I need to feel more in control, I balance my checkbook, vacuum, and stock my refrigerator. Do what you gotta do.

  7. Well, I can't really crab about a person taking time off. At least you didn't quit!

    But, I did not know you are a handbag girl.... I LOVE me a good handbag. I have *a few*, where actually one could say, an entire shelf in a double closet *few*, with others drooping off hooks. Anyway, one can NEVER have too many handbags!

  8. I think you should use your 33 conspicuous family post as your first chapter. I have no idea what kind of book you're working on- it may not even be relevant to use that as your first chapter- but then I suggest starting a book that it would work as first chapter. Yup. :)

  9. I miss you allready! :( Good luck with your book, be productive. And - I understand the ebay thing, I am addicted :(

  10. I have a couple of things to say...

    I love that link you posted - she is goooood.

    LOVE that you have a handbag addiction - this is a sign of a true kindred spirit for me :)

    And while I love that you're getting the darn book out, I want to ask you to consider incorporating a more regular book-working time into your schedule so it's not so all or nothing and frantic for you :)

    Can we have pics of the Ikea goodness? We don't have Ikea here so I drool when I hear of other people getting to shop there!

  11. Sigh. I just started reading (and loving) your blog this week, and now you're leaving. I guess this will give me time to go through your archives. (Is that creepy? I hope not.)

    Incidentally, my son is also named Isaias (and I don't think anyone in my family has yet to pronounce that correctly). He's half Mexican, but phenotypically whitewhitewhite. It's fascinating to compare and contrast with your experiences.

    Happy writing. I'll look forward to your return.

  12. But how can I procrastinate cleaning MY house if I don't have anything on YOUR blog to read??!! Yes, it's a vicious cycle. Good for you for having some self-control! I'm feeling your pain, though. We are so busy with LIFE (without kids, mind you) that up until last weekend the house had become a disgusting pit (which I can't STAND) and I'm wondering about balance. Have you ever done a post on that? I've been thinking about it all week and have come to NO conclusions. Best wishes on the book!!

  13. Testing, testing, testing...

    So, do we get to learn your real name when the book comes out? ;)

  14. And just when I upgraded your blog location to my Bookmarks Bar...
    That's okay. I'll wait as long as it takes. ;)

  15. It's been a month. Just kidding:)


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