Tuesday, 22 February 2011

All Of This Is Also True

The Family That Takes Prozac Together, Stays Together

This has been a much, much better week. The babies have been easier and J has had a few days off and I feel like a human again. Tall buildings have lost their immediate appeal. I'm thankful. I'm also incredibly thankful to those of you who reached out either here or offline to say ME TOO or IT GETS BETTER or YOU'RE OVERREACTING BUT I LOVE YOU ANYWAY. Bottom of my heart kind of thankful. It makes all the difference.

The same day that I posted here last week, I also finally gave into my mother's nagging encouragement and posted a whole bunch of photos on the boring other blog I maintain just for family. And yes! I felt like a giant hypocrite because with one breath I'm saying 'oh, poor me I'm not coping' and then with the next I'm saying 'oh, look at my adorable children and my perfect life!'

they are adorable, aren't they?

if somewhat bent on destruction.

and of course the thing is - both are real. My children are adorable, this is the life I always wanted, and some days I don't cope at all. Hello, cognitive dissonance.

Because I'm running out of naptime, I'm going to directly paste what I posted there. There are one or two duplicates of pictures I had already posted on this blog - apologies. I hesitated, but then I remembered that all of this is also true. That post is the other half of what's going on here, and it was called:

Let's Pretend That It's September

which is pretty much the last time I posted photos, I think. Would you rather hear excuses, or would you rather see photos? Yeah, thought so. Here's one of my favourite pictures, for being so nice about the delay.
And now my next question: would you rather have captions and dates, or would you rather just guess, and see the pictures before NEXT September? Yeah, thought so again.

It's LIFT the flap, not LICK the flap, little man.
(Sorry, it's impossible NOT to caption that one)

It's been a YEAR! (Well, ummmmm, I mean it WAS a year when this photo was taken on Oct 27. Now it's been quite a bit longer. Moving swiftly on....)

sadly, not our house.

nor this.

whereas THIS.... okay, actually, still not our house.

Babies have not yet got the point of being on holiday.

Dolls, on the other hand.... they get that.
Also, twinkle twinkle little star is a concept that has found great favour.
as has banging on the piano
and the cat. Our little girl is having her first lesson in unrequited love.

Our little boy is not.
Unless you count his all-consuming love for The Light, which he would cuddle up to and carry around with him if he could.
Self-explanatory, really. And hang on, I wasn't supposed to be doing captions.
She discovers just how much fun stereotypical gender roles can be

(and speaking of stereotypical gender roles, here is a picture of Pink in her favourite coat. Just so that you know I'm not REALLY doing immense psychological damage with their new blog names. And no, this wasn't in the original post).

They love this toy so much that we have had to confiscate it. There was too much biting.

She's telling lies. I'm this angelic, ALL the time.

so many places to kiss, so little time

post-bath foot-wrinkle
I has a nose!
You are so embarrassing that I can't bear even to look at you.
sweet, sweet television! Where have you BEEN all my life?

Does the tutu go over the paunch, or under the paunch? 'Tis the eternal question.

Can you please speak up? The reception isn't very good.
Whaddya mean, gentle hands?

Okay, Kevin says time to stop blogging now.


  1. Holy cute. So glad you are feeling better.

  2. This makes me happy on so many levels....

  3. They are adorable. Nice to see the blue sky and sunshine in the photos and in your words!

  4. OMG they are soooo adorable. You have one good-lookin' family, lady! Beautiful.

  5. Truly you are the queen of hilarious captions. Please don't stop captioning! My favorite is where pink is ignoring her totally embarrassing blue brother. :)

  6. I am sooooooo glad you are feeling better. Really. And it's nice to see pics your family. You guys are totally adorable.

  7. Aaaah, what beautiful pics - they are adorable. Love that blue coat!!! And I always love the ones of the grandparents too - such love (that's because they get to give them back :))


    P.S. Thanks for your lovely comment this morning - as I was driving to work, I decided that that was enough of dwelling in the past. I am FREE in Jesus' name :) and then got to work and saw your comment with that scripture - just perfect!

  8. They are beyond adorable. Really, really glad you're feeling better.

  9. Gorgeous kids, gorgeous photos. Glad things are looking up a little!

  10. Such cute kids, but I'm not ready for them yet. Too scared! Can I have that precious little bunny you have as your profile pic? I think I can handle that!:)

  11. Oh good- I'd wondered when we'd get to see your cuties again.
    Glad you are feeling better!

  12. Is it wrong that I am in love with that blue coat on Pink? Is it? That I want a girl of my own to put a blue coat on like that? I have to say that I am sure they are both rascals, but I notice a certain gleam in Blue's eye, it's the ornery look, right? Love every single pic! You are hubby are very cute, too, of course!

  13. Oh my.
    I just had DH come and look at these photos and we're both in double cutie pie heaven! Your photography is amazing! Your captions are pretty darn hilarious too :)

  14. I think I meant to say it gets better too on the last comment, but I left off with a commiserating-self-indulgent tone. Anyway, it gets better. For me, progressively more days out of the aggregate have gotten way better.

    By the way, I am tres impressed that you have a big beautiful fuzzy cat your babies can touch. My bff has a big beautiful fuzzy cat that if you touch it, it takes your face off.

    Your babies are incredibly beautiful and cuteness embodied too.

  15. tutu under paunch for sure.

    love these.

    i always find the few days after a massive honesty post seem better. and then i question whether or not i was being dramatic. i doubt myself because it seems so stark out there in writing.

    but dammit, it was true yesterday! :)

  16. tutu under paunch for sure.

    love these.

    i always find the few days after a massive honesty post seem better. and then i question whether or not i was being dramatic. i doubt myself because it seems so stark out there in writing.

    but dammit, it was true yesterday! :)

  17. I am nominating Kevin as the first ever feline saint. The fact that your babies bear no claw or tooth scars surely counts as all three miracles necessary.

    Oh, those babies. When will I ever get to cuddle those babies... ::sigh::

  18. I love coming to your blog because it always gives me so much to think about.

    Today I'm going to have to go with UNDER the paunch. Definitely. ;-)

  19. The maze, the cat, the tutu. Holy smokes you are so good. Hugs!!!

  20. Your pictures kill me!! Super cute! And I know all about "not coping!"

  21. LOVE the pictures!! I can't decide which is my favourite...they're all terrific. What a lovely family you have.




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