Thursday 25 November 2010

Not Everything Is About Adoption

(Just a miniature post today. I've used up all my computer time sorting through photos).

Yesterday was J's first day off work to do Daddy Duty. After the babies' nap, he walked into town to get his phone unlocked. He wheeled the babies to one of those kiosks that unlock phones and sell watches of dubious origin. The guy running the stall, a South Asian man, agreed to unlock his phone and got working. After a few minutes, he gestured at the babies. He said:

"Their mother? She.....?" J had learned from my mistakes and said:
"No, she's white too." The man looked confused.
"We adopted them." The man continued to look confused.
"They are from Ethiopia." Still confused. After a pause, he finished unlocking the phone, J paid and then went on his way. He hadn't got far before he realised what the man had really been asking about the babies' mother - not where is she from, but where is she now. And he should just have said:

"At work. Their mother is at work".


  1. Perfectly well said (as usual). I've had very similar situations. :)

  2. That is hilarious! Thanks for sharing!

    I can so relate. I am so used to getting 20 questions when I go out with our kids that I usually have answers on the tip of my tongue, ready.

  3. Go for the simple one every time!

  4. hahahahaha!

    Over sharing as usual. Well, what do you expect? After the adoption process where they ask a billion intrusive questions we're so used to answering the most ridiculously invasive questions without batting an eye, of course we over share!

    Too funny Claudia.

  5. This is so true and so, so funny!


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