Friday, 2 July 2010

More 365 action

It's taken me the babies' entire nap to download and sort these photos. It feels like it must be impossible that it's been a month since I posted photos - the time is racing by, and I don't seem to be getting anything done. And now I can hear them starting to squeak - happily, so far, but who knows for how long- so no words today, just pictures. Okay, not very many words.

And this time I'm going to be disciplined and choose only ONE photo from every day. And it's going to be in order. I promise. So:

End of may - we went on another family holiday, this time with J's family. Not much time to take photos in the leadup

but it appears that baby L is still plotting world domination in the bath.

Here we are, having arrived after a VERY long drive. I think you're all clear to go back to school, daddy, I can't see a single nit.

Some quality baby-and-grandpa time.

Some quality family time. I feel like someone's missing... naaaah. I'm sure I'm just imagining it.

Lots and lots of firsts this month.
First time in swimsuits!

and first....

first crawling. Life really hasn't been the same since.

First time being synchronisedly tossed in the air with a cousin

First time that C has taken a week off project 365 (pretend there are 7 blank spaces here, in honour of that fact)

First trip to a National Trust property

Okay, NOT the first time she's been excited about a pretty dress

First time realising just how HUGE the babies really are compared when with a proper baby (welcome to the world, little Isabelle!!!)

First month it's been warm enough to really start living at the park. He looks so cute until you jam your fingers in his mouth and find out what it is he's been eating.

First group photo

NOT the first time this boy has been covered in kisses. In case you couldn't tell from his face.

First time on a swing!

First time for a boy in a box

First time for a girl in a box

First appliance obsession

First time absolutely refusing to stay still for monthly photo

First time at a Roman orgy, apparently

First time putting daisies in her hair (it won't be the last)

First time in a sink (does anybody know if there is a human version of

First time working out that now he can now be upside down without the need for parental involvement

(nothing first-y about these. But they were good).

First time pulling up to standing

and first time for a boy and a girl in a box together.

And suddenly it feels like we got quite a lot done this month, after all.


  1. Holy crap. My friend, tonight at my birthday soiree, was going on and on about my camera, but now that I am seeing these fabulous pics, I am wondering to myself (but, not really), is it Claudia's wonderful camera or is it that Claudia is a complete artist?

    Answer: Claudia is a complete artist. Perfectly wonderful, these photos.

  2. Oh my, the cuteness is almost too much to bear! And you really do take beautiful photos!

  3. Great pics (as always!). LOVE the hair they're getting! And yes, don't they look enormous now... seeing them looking so healthy and happy is such a huge answer to my (and others) prayers. Praise God for chubby bubbies :) xx

  4. You are SO good. SO good. These are amazing. The grandpa pic stole my heart. And the flying babes (tossing in the air) is SO fun. And daddy with babe in front of the trust is so hot (a dad with a baby just does not get any girlfriends and I have declared this over and I mean hot in a general nice way). ;) And SO many firsts...wowza! Love that you have put them in a box. Kids sure do love boxes. I may have to get a nice camera soon and start the 365 myself. I am so inspired by you girly!


  5. I said "so" 7 plus times. I need coffee this morning. *wink*

  6. You are such an awesome photographer. Can you please come to the US and take photographs when we get our baby too??

    That one of the toss in the air--you need to enter that one in a contest somewhere, it's incredible!

    PS Thanks for your words on my sneaky post.

  7. Love the photos - they are gorgeous - the syncronized baby toss is excellent!

    And oh my they are so adorable those two little twins of yours :)

  8. Claudia, your babies are SO gorgeous! I know you know that, and I know I tell you everytime, but I can't help it. They are gorgeous!

  9. just have to say, every time i come back to this post (i'm not a stalker, i promise, just trying to keep ideas in my head for snapshots when our son gets home), the roman orgy picture cracks me up beyond belief.


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