Saturday, 19 June 2010

Like a photo, but it moves

I am all about the photos - video just confuses me. But 9 months after getting the video camera, I wanted to figure out youtube and so on, and I have spent the longest - seriously, the longest - time trying to clip this video. It's 2 and a half minutes long, because the babies did something very cute and then I kept the camera running, unsure of whether they might do something else worthy of recording for posterity. They didn't. Sooooo, I wanted to trim it so it was just the first 45 seconds but there is some kind of technical conspiracy operating that means I can't do it. Obviously it's not because of any error or ignorance on MY part. Personally, I blame Windows Movie Maker.

Anyway, in the end I figured that it would be simpler to just post the whole thing and let you clip it yourself by pressing 'STOP' at about 45 seconds, after the baby boy crawls away. I don't want to spoil the ending for you, but if you do choose to keep watching, eventually baby girl's hat blows off. And really, that's it.


  1. I love this movie. I love those babies.

  2. Here's what I love about this video (and remember, it's all about me)
    1-I can so clearly remember our twins at that age (just months ago) ...seeing this makes me want more babies!
    2-I loved your sigh of hope that they would kiss and your sigh of oh well that they didn't :-)
    3-we have also had our share of Blue Lagoon moments where the twins are SO into each other that you feel like a third wheel who should go smoke a cigarette!
    4-and mainly because I just LOVE these babies!

  3. I could not help but watch the whole thing because I found them so captivating. I heard you gasping in hope and I was, too! I love it, it was so sweet and intimate and you were able to be so still and capture it, amazing! I feel like I know them better now.

  4. I love them. And I made Michael watch the movie too. And he loved them too.

  5. Oh, those fat little angels!!!! Oh, I just want to BITE them! (Not hard, mind you. More like a nibble. Don't worry.)

  6. Just delurking to say: Oh they are sooo cute!!!!!

  7. Oh, I just adored this! To see those little cuties on video is darling. I felt like I was at the park with ya. And of COURSE I had to watch to see her hat fly off...geez. Who wouldn't?! They are adorable no matter what they are doing. :)


  8. SO SWEET!!!
    love your blog and words. stumbled across your blog... we have been home for almost 2 months with our twin girls!
    can't wait till ours show a little love to each other! (we have a bully. :))

  9. awwwwwww. i've been told i need to do video more. seeing this makes me think "yeah. i do."

    baby girl has some enviable cleavage. ;)


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