Wednesday, 10 March 2010

I hereby make this solemn promise to myself

I will never, ever leave it so long between uploading my project 365 pictures ever again. My poor computer is protesting at the action by making clanking noises that belong sometime during the industrial revolution, not on the information superhighway. It sounds like somebody is running a steel mill in there - mysterious.

So, due to my behind-ness, lots of photos today. It's been quite a while, and things have happened.

The babies have outgrown their bearsuits. I nearly cried.
(Just to avoid any confusion, the captions refer to the photo above....)

It turns out we have a push-me-pull-you that sleeps in our cot.

The babies have started to learn what toys are for...

our little man is sitting up!

our little girl just concentrates on being beautiful...

all together.... aaaaahhhhhhhh.....

Grandma came to help us go to the hospital, and found out what happens when you say 'yes' to the question 'will you pose with the babies?' without asking any questions first

the babies turned seven months... (and J got home from work early because he was at a conference! Woo hoo! I think this is the first time he has ever seen the babies before bathtime on a weekday)

we bought our little man a carnivorous cardigan...

he found his feet...
I really don't like this picture, but it was a busy day and that was the only one I got. This spotty outfit sure looked a lot cuter on ebay.

there were weekends...

I can't remember what happened on this day, but it was obviously shocking

We went outside for the first time ever just to enjoy the sunshine rather than to get somewhere as quickly as possible through the whipping wind

yep, the babies have feet

I messed around with my flash, trying to get a vampire picture (who says being at home all day is not intellectually stimulating?)

dining al fresco

We visited J's family up north... this is the three brothers with their three sons. This photo makes me happy.

L appears to be plotting world domination

We see this face a lot at the moment... not quite sure what it means...

and L learned to sit up too.

I was warned, but I couldn't really believe it - it's all happening so fast.


  1. That face is "OH I'm SO pleased with myself" - well, that's C's version of it.

    I LOVE the pic of the 3 brothers with their sons.

    And why has it never occurred to me to take the bumbo seats outside???!

  2. What really great shots. I especially like the black/white shot of your little guy grabbing his toes. Beautiful babies...

  3. World domination or a poo poo? :) Love these pics. WOWZA they are CUTE. Dang. Why don't you put a warning up first? And you take great photos. How did you get those streaks of color in that black background pic of your son? So cool.

  4. Oh those are the best photos ever!!!

    And you should put that little guy into yoga immediately ;)

    Your babies. They are Gorgeous!

  5. I love ALL OF THEM! Seriously.
    And I love the polka dot outfit! I want one for myself :)

  6. Please post pictures more often. We like them. :)

  7. Those are some Gor.Ge.Ous kidlets you have there.

  8. I love, love, love the photos. All of them. Those babies are so cute. Thanks for making the effort to get your computer to cooperate.
    I see I'm not the only "Leigh" around here ;-)

  9. They are Just So Gorgeous! I think it's a twin thing :-) Month 10 is a crazy one for developments too so be prepared. Finally in month 10 my twins learned to actually touch the picture in the "that's not my (fill in the blank) book" Seriously. It has taken 7 months for them to get it and now--they are obsessed! I wish you lived here or I lived there so we could have twin photoshoots! You take amazing pictures!

  10. The L plotting world domination is the BEST photo ever. Please enter it in some type of contest. Hilarious.
    And hey, look! I am back to posting comments! A

  11. Your pictures are as gorgeous as your babies! The babies are delicious! It was worth the wait.

  12. seriously... do you just kiss those sweet feet and cheeks ALL day long????

  13. Thanks for posting those. Your babies are outrageously cute. Their rosy cheeks are adorable.

  14. Ridiculously cute and laugh out loud funny, as always. Thanks, I needed one of these posts today!

  15. I LOVE your posts! You have a way with words! Like a pp said, I look forward to reading your new posts they are great!

    And of course I love seeing those absolutely gorgeous babies of yours! I love the carnivorous cardigan pic - I'm sure those chubby cheeks could hold their own! :)

  16. what cuuuuute photos. ahh, sigh, they are just yummy cute.


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