Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Episode 163, In which Claudia cannot manage to insert any text between the photos


So, this has been the last few weeks. I was going to provide a running commentary, but didn't for three reasons:
  1. I'ts pretty much all cutesy babies, except for one train and one cat and one massive baby-led-weaning-FAIL. You're smart. You can figure out which ones these are, I suspect.
  2. I've just switched blog editors and wow, I thought the photo uploading in the OLD editor was bad. Now I can't seem to insert lines for captions between photos, or paste in more than one at once.  I'm sure it's fixable with a bit of googling, but
  3. I'm hungry, and need to eat my lunch. Like, REALLY hungry. Anybody else find that motherhood all too easily means 12 hours of starvation followed by four hours of chocolate once they're in bed? Surely that's not just me. Surely? I'm such a good role model, really, it's amazing I'm not on TV.


  1. Well, I love anything you write, but the photos are so beautiful that it is okay to just look and look at those beautiful little ones. And the train photo and the cat photo and the eye photo are amazing! You are a very talented one, you.

    Did I say your kids are cute? And precious? oh my, they are.

  2. Can't help thinking you'll find it easier to get them to eat if you leave their spines in for lunch time... Soooooooo funny!!!

  3. the train shot rocks. and frankly no one can get too much of those babies so keep pouring 'em on.

    i know all about motherhood starvation. you'd think it would be enough to help us maintain the figures we want. yet somehow it doesn't work....

    weaning isn't everything. :)

  4. Love all the pictures! I always enjoy reading your posts.

  5. Things to say...

    The outfits you dress them in are dreamy...almost as dreamy as they are, but not quite.

    Love your photographers eye for good shots...the bathtub-looking-at-rubber-ducky is fantastic.

    Love your robe...mine is white and super soft and makes me happy.

    The pic of them eating and leaning this way and that is SO funny!

    Hope you all are doing well!

  6. I echo your first commenter--I love anything you write and your kids are over the top adorable and beautiful and your artistic eye is catching them at such wonderful moments. I want to just come right over across the ocean and cuddle those babies!

  7. Claudia, your pictures take my breath away! Will you come photograph my babes? Oh, and your kids - hello adorableness! Love the pics!

  8. With adorable babies and amazing photos like that, who needs words (although the few at the end were highly enjoyable too!).

  9. Thanks for the pics! They are wonderful!! I wish I could take pics like you! :-) I know that starving feeling....hugs! I am still delighting in how God put your family together!

  10. Could you please come to Oregon for a week and photograph our family? These photos are exquisite, especially the 4th one. Beautiful family.

  11. With babies this cute, words aren't always needed!

    I love the first and third photos for both content (adorable babies) and artistic view. (-;

    Oh, and the bear suits are just beyond too cute. It is no wonder people stop to see them when you are out!!

  12. I switched to the new post editor and promptly switched back when I realised about the photo thing.

    Is that Victoria Station? :)

  13. My J, who hates the blog thing, actually glanced at yours when I had it up and noted that he likes the reflection in the baby eyeball photo. Just thought you should know. Takes a lot to catch his interest. :) Very pretty babies. Honestly. Sort of unbelievably good looking. And I love that they hate the solids. Must be hard for you but TOO funny to see in photos.

  14. I've been having problems with my picture editor too...

    did you make the hat in the first picture? I'm in love with it! (and of course, in love with your children...)

    We've been praying for your family every time we pass by our fridge (that sounds incredibly odd, doesn't it?) :)

  15. hi There

    you have a lovely blog and beautiful children....i would love it if you could maybe share some info with me about the process to adopt from ethiopia..my hubby and i live in northern ireland..and our final papers were ready to be sent to thailand a couple of weeks ago and sadly thailand closed with no warning...we are going to have to change country and want to look at ethiopia..as we both have spent time in africa...as i know no-one else in the uk who have made it through this adventure...your input would be valued...many thanks Alison

  16. GAH! That is an awful lot of cute!

    And in the beginning, motherhood was totally a whole day of starving followed by chocolate and/or ice cream for me. I couldn't imagine why all new adoptive moms didn't get skinny. (And I only had 1.) But then they got a little older and I learned to eat all day long so now I slap myself for that thought.


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