Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Give and Take

Well, except for me. For me, at the moment, it's all take-take-take.

I guess that's why it's taken me until today (December 8) to say THANK YOU to those who participated in NaBloPoMo. I hardly wrote a comment through all of November but it was wonderful to have so much to read. Really, really, really, really, thank you. I briefly considered participating myself - but then by the end of 01 November I realised that if I was going to commit to doing something every day, it should really be brushing my teeth.

On 01 November, we had only had the babies for 4 days. That is impossible to believe, for me - surely they have always been ours? Surely I have always known how to feed two babies with one hand and one elbow? Surely our tiny house has always been covered in primary-coloured plastic? Surely I have always had two hot fuzzy heads to nuzzle me at unexpected moments? It seems impossible that things haven't always been like this. Which is crazy, obviously, because only three weeks ago, or so, I was floundering madly and feeling absolutely certain I wasn't going to cope with this new life. And now... it just feels normal. And better than that - most days it actually feels good. Having been thrown right into the deep end, I feel like I have finally learned to swim and am even starting to enjoy it as much as I hoped I would. We had a visit from our new social worker (whose presence fills me with blistering shards of white-hot rage, but that's a whole different issue) and she kept probing " so how are YOU? How are you coping?" and I realised - actually, I'm coping fine. She kept needling and needling me - wanting to find some big problem so she could justify her supposed 'support' role and I realised - huh. Right now, I'm fine. I'm sure there will be difficult days ahead, but for now, things are o-kay. (This is no doubt helped by the fact that the babies are now sleeping infinitely better and I got over seven hours of sleep last night. Compared to two weeks ago, I feel like I could fly. Will update more about that later because the whole process has been... interesting. Although to warn you in advance, I think I have a low interestingness threshold right now).

(Not much point to this post, really. If you want to read something much more interesting, I really think you should read this instead).


  1. So glad you are doing well, and that it only took three weeks! Gives me hope for my own impending transition...

    Loved the "let's not talk about hair" post.

  2. Glad to hear that everyone has settled in and that you are enjoying being a parent.

  3. Seven hours!?! No wonder you're feeling better. Whew, glad that no sleep thing is mostly over - does it seem like a bad dream now? (Pun not intended)

    I loved the hair post too.

  4. You "sound" like a different person! This was definatly a good read. Sleep! wonderful wonderful gift isn't it!

  5. So glad to hear that your new "normal" is suiting you so well. When do we get pictures again? (-;

  6. So nice to hear that you're doing well. Keep up with the updates... we love hearing 'em. :)

  7. Hi Claudia

    Saw your comment on Mo's blog and came to meet you.

    I'm quickly adding you to my follow list I've read nothing so can't comment properly except you have BG twins - so do I - so congrats :)

    Oh, I'm in South Africa :)


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