Friday, 13 November 2009

And suddenly, things started to happen very fast...

We've had a very difficult and stressful few days trying to sort out
visas (the entire
casework team at the Home Office was down with Swine Flu). We wrote
many strongly worded emails, and made some strongly worded phone
calls, and finally got good news yesterday that they were being
processed. We picked them up this morning and then went across the
road to the Ethiopian Airlines office, where our skills at wording
things strongly turned out to be needed even more urgently.

We were told that we wouldn't be able to change our flights to any
date earlier than Wednesday, which would have meant that Mum was at
risk of missing her connecting flight to Australia on Thursday.
Fortunately, J has a very impressive ability to sit in a chair and
not move until someone does something helpful, and after 1 1/2 hours
of this we were told that we could fly tonight. I think they did this
just to guarantee we wouldn't come back tomorrow.

Anyway, this means that we are flying tonight! After weeks of not much
happening, we're about to go. We're going to miss lots of things about
Addis, but not the being-new-parents-in-a-hotel-room part. We'd
probably better go and finish the packing... more later.


  1. Very exciting! Safe travels and please post lots of pictures when you get home. ~Amanda

  2. Finally!!! Oh, what great news, C! I look forward to your new post from home and hope for a peaceful trip and transition for all of you!



  3. AAAAAAYYYYYYEEEEEEEHHHAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!! (That's a scream of pure joy, in case you can't tell.)


    HOORAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!! Oh, I can't wait until you're home! HOMEHOMEHOMEHOMEHOME!!!!

    Better stop beore I sprain my ! key. Love you!!!

  4. Have a safe trip home! Can't wait to hear more once you settle in with the babies.

  5. We are so glad you are going home! Praying lots for you today! Wonderful to have a persistent husband! :-)

  6. What a relief. Baby shop across the street, here you come!

  7. Hooray for visas! Safe travels home!

  8. Abe is upstairs with his dad, so I have a moment to say how excited I am for you guys, and especially that you're about to embark on parenting in your own digs.
    And you know that people are going to just start hassling you for photos of the babies, right?
    Abe tromping down the stairs...

  9. Congrats! Wishing you a smooth journey home!

  10. What?! What a whirlwind! But a really good one! Safe travels sweet family!!!!

  11. Such great news!
    Looking forward to reading the updates and seeing pix from home!


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