Thursday, 22 October 2009

It seems I always forget

To post the really important things, like dates.

Like the fact that I have to appear in court in person.

Like the fact that this means I'm flying tomorrow. On my own, because there was only one ticket left - J has to fly 48 hours later and touches down just a few hours before we need to go to our document checking appointment.

The last few days have been pretty intense. Once again, it's been an acceleration from zero to leaving the country in just a few days. You'd think I would have learned from last time and been more prepared, but no. Until we got that court date, I think that I didn't really believe these babies were going to make it home, so there wasn't much point making final preparations.

But now I finally do. You know, mostly. I keep looking at the baby clothes as I sort them and think: Hopefully, this time next week, this will have a baby inside. It makes me feel a bit teary and a bit scared.

Stuff for the babies is packed, although last night, late, I got an email from a friend who is there saying 'pack more clothes! The babies have exploding diarrhea!' So perhaps one more trip to the baby shop is in order...


  1. Your process is so different than ours here in the US. Good luck in court!

  2. omg! you are leaving so soon! I am so happy for you! Bring LOTS of diapers, lots of clothes, lots of burp cloths. Jacob spit up CONSTANTLY when we were in ET. Good luck and I can't wait to read updates!

  3. Wow! Good luck and safe travels! I can't wait for you to be home with your babies! I'll let you know when we are scheduled to be in Ethiopia so we can get together if we are both there at the same time. It sounds like you are going to beat me long do you think you'll be there? So excited for you friend!!!!!!!


  4. WOW! You do forget to post important things.... :) Best to you in court! Does this mean you are coming home with babies (please, please)? Oh, C, I am so excited for you. Don't forget to blog once you are back. We will be anxiously waiting!!!!


  5. All the best in court!!!

    Have a safe trip!

    Can't wait to hear the babies are in the clothes you are packing exploding diarrhea and all :)

  6. That's so great! Safe travels and I can't wait until they are legally yours so we can see their sweet faces (though those toes are to DIE for!)

  7. I say yes to "pack my clothes!" Our baby had really terrible digestive situations as well, and we were so thankful to have all of the clothes that we brought (the amount of baby clothes was humorous when we were packing. Not so humorous when we realized that we were actually going to use them all!)Bring extra wipes and diapers too.

    Best of luck to you! Safe and happy travels!

  8. Safe travels!!! I can't wait to see pics of your family. Sending lots of love and hopes of a sudden cure to exploding diarrhea.


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