Monday, 14 September 2009

My Privacy

Hi all (and maybe a few more than I realised...)

My very kind brother has just let me know that this blog has
accidentally become googleable, and he found it by accident. He didn't
read it, because he realised that if I hadn't told him about it, it
was probably because it was not for general consumption. He was right!
Aren't I lucky to have such a nice brother?

Anyway, if I know you in real life, and I haven't explicitly told you
about this blog, I would really appreciate it if you respected my
privacy, as he did, and didn't read it. It's my space to write out my
frustrations during this unpleasant process that we're going through,
and I would really appreciate it if you let me keep it private.

By the way, I have a stat counter on here, so I can tell which IP
adresses are reading. Don't make me track you!

No, really.

Thank you.



  1. "Unpleasant process?" Oh, C! How I wish I could pick up the phone and call you! I have been thinking about you a lot lately. Hope your situation improves!

  2. FYI- you can make your blog un-googleable. It's an option under settings, basic, and choose "no" on the 5th question down. good luck!

  3. That was very cool of your brother to respect your privacy. I imagine the process that you are going through right now is freaking HARD. I can't imagine being surrounded by unknowns and have very little control of your children (that you are still waiting to find out if they are yours legally or not). Ugh. It's hard for me here in the states and that is with my regular life ticking away ever so peacefully. So you are in my thoughts and prayers friend. I hope the sun warms your soul each day and that your babies smile at you often. I hope you find your peace in a foreign land and strange space in your life. Where your liminal state t-shirt with pride. You are in it now more than ever. HUGS!


  4. I was going to mention what Emily did. Even more security wise- you can make it so that only 'invited' people can access it at all. Typically- if someone comes across it- it prompts them with a 'request access' thingy that you have to approve their profile or email or something. Many people have done it. That way you know who is there and who isn't. Just a thought...

    As as I'm thinking about it... I have no idea how I know about this. Perhaps I'm one how should bugger off??

  5. I agree with Emily and Shannon about the setting. I have it on mine and it works pretty well...not foolproof, but another obstacle at least.

    What a sweet brother you have there!

    I hope everything is going well. I think of you everyday wondering how you and your babies are doing as you get to know one another. Hugs.

  6. Um... I just read and commented on your blog and then read this statement.

    i guess i assume that all blogs that don't have a privacy setting are for the general public as a way of connecting to people going through the similar processes.

    i would highly recommend making the blog only for invited readers. we've done this in the past and it's easy. that way only the actual people you want reading can read.

    i think there are a lot people like myself who assume if it's a blog it's public.

    you're brother sounds wonderful!


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