Thursday, 22 January 2009

Anonymise me!

Okay, so, various factors have led me to realise that this blog is a lot, lot more google-able than I would like. And since I've been, errr, kinda open about some of my issues and struggles, I've decided that I don't like it being this way. If my friends and family want to know what I really think, they can wait to buy the book, darnit. So.... I'm going to get around the issue, I hope, by renaming myself. And yes, I know google caches things and so on, but anybody who can be bothered going through the google cache must have better ways to use their skills than in finding this blog.
So. I need your help. I've randomly (well, almost randomly - I avoided any names that are high on our list for an actual baby) chosen some potential names off the 'top 100 baby names in England' list, which is helpfully maintained by the office of national statistics. Who shall I be online from now on? There's a poll on the top right (if I can ever make it work) with the options: Chloe, Siena, Rose, Freya, Claudia. If it doesn't work, please leave me a comment instead (my blog gadget skills are not fantastic, and I keep getting a 404 error, so I'm a little worried. But I'm going to try again). Alternatively, if you've got any other great ideas for alter-ego names, please suggest them. I'm not totally in love with any of my ideas, to be honest. I'm also sort of considering Martha, because I really liked the German film 'Mostly Martha', but I'm not sure about that one either.
Oh, and the cat needs a new name too. His choices are Fluffy, Stripey, Ginger and Kevin. Or something else, obviously.
So! Vote!
And by the way, I've seen a few people say 'person x found my blog by searching xxxxxxxx on google'. HOW DO YOU KNOW?? Anyone who can tell me how to do this will be highly esteemed by me forever.


  1. love it!
    I sometimes wonder about all the stuff about our family I post... I just pray no one creepy finds us that facinating :)

  2. I vote for for you, I must do a bit of research before placing my vote...

  3. I like Freya!!! :)

    Or, my word verification is "bemines" could be that...? [pronounced bemineeze]


  4. It isn't foolproof, but if you look in the "settings" tab of your blog, there is an option to "Let search engines find your blog?" I have mine selected as "No".

    As far as finding out how people find your blog, if you have an account through something like, there is an option there to see how people find your blog. Because of my "No" setting from above, this feature is always empty for me.

    For sure, though, the cat has to be Kevin. That one totally made me LOL. (-;

    Good luck!! I figure none of my friends or family are infertile so they will never think to look for me. Their eyes would probably bleed if they ever found me though. LOL.


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