Thursday, 6 November 2008

Things that Rock Thursday - short and sweet

Well, according to our social worker's health and safety inspection on Tuesday, our house is both healthy and safe.

Amazing. That definitely rocks.

Fortunately she didn't check any closets.

Actually, she was really reasonable about it all. The form says that we are supposed to have stairgates, and so on, and a crib, and she just rolled her eyes and said that no, we didnt' need to actually have any of that stuff until we actually had a baby in the house. Which was a huge relief to me, because I really don't want to do that kind of shopping until we've got a reason to. Anyway, this reminded me how fortunate we are to have such a nice social worker. And while (let's be honest) I hugely resent her presence in my life, I actually like her, personally, very much. And I really didn't expect that. That really rocks too.

I know I've been a bit quiet lately, but I've been trying to put that 'if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all' stuff into practice and curb my tendency to just whine endlessly. I have been thinking, though (did I hear someone say overthinking? Okay, well, you might be right) and I'm sure some of those thoughts are going to spill over soon. Errr, very soon. And I've decided that I'm definitely going to do this - I think you all should too.


  1. Thanks for joining the project! I saw your comment on Cindy's post. I look forward to it and will put you in the bloglines.


  2. Caroline, it's good news to me to hear the social worker safety and health check went smoothly - good stuff. It means things are still progressing - I'm still over here in your corner, you know. Thanks for posting the link to help my friend out - it means a lot, and I think the finished product will be pretty cool!


  3. hi Caroline! I am so happy that things are moving forward for you and that your social worker is cool. one more step done. And i am working on my letter for the Mother Letters. Thanks for bringing it to my attention:o)


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