Wednesday, 8 October 2008

I'm not really feeling the love

I have something to admit, blogosphere - I finished Twlight, and I didn't love it. Not that I hated it or anything, I was just... undecided. Kinda good, and I've got nothing against a good melodrama, but unfortunately both Edward and Bella irritated me beyond measure. All the 'oh, you don't realise how amazing you are', 'No, YOU don't realise how amazing YOU are' began to wear pretty thin, and not much else happened during a good chunk of the book. It was terrifyingly authentic in one way - it felt just like having to sit in and listen on two dating seventeen year olds (and I've helped lead youth groups and teenage camps, so I know what I'm talking about here). And really, spare me the descriptions of Edward's tautly muscled alabaster chest. Honestly - that's grossing me out a bit. So all of that I didn't love. But then it got quite exciting towards the end, and it didn't really finish - it was more like the end of an episode than the end of a story, and now I want to know what happens next. Harrumph. Is there less anatomical description and more plot in the next books?

On the adoption front, J and I managed to make it through yesterday's appointment without embarrassing ourselves too badly, I think. But I really have no idea what the social worker learned in those 2 1/2 hours. It's extremely hard to answer really detailed questions on discipline techniques in any kind of a useful way at this stage. I just felt like I was parroting. And it's pretty easy to talk about what kind of parent you would like to be. But it felt about as real as saying 'well, I'm about five foot eleven, blonde hair, enormous blue eyes, and people are always commenting on my long, long legs'. As in: saying it doesn't make it true.


  1. Thank you for the Twilight honesty! I know it is just pure fun reading...but I appreciate that you posted your lack of love and amusement.

    I am so glad to hear your SW visit went well.

    Also...we have friends that own a cute lil wine shop and I am asking them about wine shipments and distributors in the UK...they should be able to give me some answers...

  2. I feel you on the Twilight thoughts. Whenever I recommend it to someone, I disclose that it's "escapist" literature (if it's considered literature). It's like reading a movie, which is about the level I can focus on these days. But yeah: I didn't believe the "love story" between the two (um, I don't want to give away too ignore this if you want...but I found myself later on rooting for someone else because the relationship was just so much more believable).
    Anyway, it's a silly teen vampire book, and maybe I'm thinking way too much about this, but there's gotta be some reason this book is so popular among women our age (assuming you're in your '30s?)--I think it has to be something relating to a universal need/desire we have to be swept up in something bigger than ourselves, an epic-like drama, a *romance*, to be so captivating by a someone so beautiful. Maybe it's because our real lives start feeling hum-drum in the day-to-day muddling through...what an easy trap to fall into, and a trap we're temporarily (and fantastically) yanked out of through a dumb story about vampires.
    That's my theory.

  3. Hmmm...don't know if I'll put "Twilight" on my list then. Probably not. I've got other stuff burning a whole on the list. Hey, come join us at Eyes on Books, we're doing the Train to Djibouti, if you're interested.

    Also, a muscled white alabaster chest? Eeek. I mean isn't "alabaster" one of those bizarre words used by Sting in "Wrapped Around Your Finger"..(don't get me wrong, I like that song and all...)

    Oh yeah, and aren't our "English muffins" actually what you guys term "Crumpets"...just thought I'd ask for a confirmation on that. And while I'm being terribly randomly longwinded...

    Congrats on getting through another one of those straining step closer...

    Happy for you guys, definitely!


  4. I would love to join eyes on books - I think I read about this somewhere (maybe your blog Cindy??) but don't have the link - tell me where to click and I'll click. We have a supposed book club at work but it's a bit rubbish - a cyberbook club sounds much better.

    filoli- how come you're lucky enough to have friends who own a wine shop? Most of my friends are teachers. Not the same at ALL.

    Lori, I've been wondering about the appeal thing as well. It's definitely something! I can't help thinking it might be the idea of a love that is so powerful it becomes a total obsession, rather than a nappy changing floor mopping oil checking parents in law visiting partnership? Just a guess. And oooooh, is the other person Jacob? I was totally rooting for him too - way more of a real person than E. (And I don't just say that because E is a vampire). If it's jacob, I might make more of an effort to get the next books :)

  5. Yep, but again: I don't want to give anything away. I just finished the second book today and was frustrated with how things went/are going. Now, I'm in the predicament of already having bought the third book and knowing I *should* read it to find out what happens but not having the same gusto about it that I had before (maybe that's not a bad thing).

  6. Oh, I'm sorry, here's the link:

    Just leave Julie a comment and I'm sure she'd be glad to add you to the list.

    How come you guys can always get away with saying the coolest words like "rubbish" and "bloody"? I wish I could, but when Americans do it we sound like nobbers.



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