Sunday 28 September 2008

my two favourite guys

Well, my parents are staying, I've made (yet another) 'no blogging while I should be working' resolution, and I've promised J that I will only be ten minutes on the computer, of which approximately eleven have elapsed.

The last few days have certainly been busy. But this afternoon I saw something that lifted my spirits:
my two favourite guys, winning the interspecies division of the olympic synchronised sleeping competition.

(that caption shamelessly lifted from a pic on i can has cheezburger)


  1. That captioning cracks me up....

    I definitely need to make a no blogging while I should be working resolution. Like right this very minute. Like right now. Like this split second while I am still typing....I mean now, not then, not when I typed "still typing" but now....



  2. Awwwww little J is sooooooo cute!!


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