Monday, 10 February 2014

The Next Thing

Thank you so so much for all your very thoughtful comments on my last post. I've been pondering all of them and, since I agree heartily with what each and every one of you wrote, no matter how diametrically opposed, I'm now even more confused. Since I wrote last, Jay has put an offer in on a house (which he didn't get, because someone else offered more). He then went to an auction, ready to bid his heart out on any one of eight houses that were suitable (and he didn't get any of them, because another guy bought ALL of them) and  now he's kind of licking his wounds.

I'm not quite sure what's going to happen next.

Also, this is happening right now in my part of England- it's been raining constantly (and I do mean constantly) since well before Christmas, and at the moment the end of our street is kind of falling into the river Thames. We've bought sandbags. The park opposite (on the other side of the river) is basically a lake - the sand under the play equipment is completely submerged and the base of the slide is completely underwater, which is fun. If it weren't for all the toxins that live in floodwater (and the impossibility of actually getting to said park, due to the flooding) it sure would be a cheap way to take the kids for their first ever experience of watersliding. Oh yeah, also if it wasn't winter. And if it would ever stop raining long enough to want to go anywhere. And if my children could be trusted not to lick any strange objects they find floating the floodwaters. What is it with licking, I ask? My children will lick anything at the moment. Please, please somebody tell me they will grow out of it.

What with one thing and another, it feels like a strange time in our family life. The big project at work that I was bracing myself for got cancelled. Outside my window, the rain continues to fall. Inside my windows, it feels like things are frantically busy around me. Jay has been on the computer in the Lady Room constantly (CONSTANTLY!) trying to research all this property stuff. I've been trying to come to terms with what I think about it all, trying not to get cranky at him for hogging what was supposed to be my space in our house (did I ever end up blogging about my Lady Room?), trying not to nag him about finishing off the projects I want done around here before he skits off to do an entire other house (the bedroom lights, please, honey? From last year? And the bathroom sliding shelf that you designed but never built?) and sort of wishing that he could suddenly discover that actually, he really doeslove his current job after all and feeling like whiny privileged scum for even having these choices to make. And then I just feel frustrated because actually, it doesn't feel like my choice at all. I guess that's why there's no 'I' in 'Marriage'. (Oh, hang on...)


All that to say - Jay has been hogging my computer because of his preoccupation with his project. I've told him that he can have it for the rest of February, but come March 1st, it's going to be mine for 31 days, for my project.  Want to know more? I'll give you a hint:

All this crankiness and career crisis-ness is getting me down. I need to get my head in a different space, and this seems as good an idea as any. I'll write more about this later, but basically the idea is zero to rough draft in a month, starting with a blank piece of paper and ending with 50,000 words, repetitive strain injury and a huge sense of accomplishment. People all over the world do this every November, but that month stinks for me so I'm trying March instead.

I've never written any fiction, and this terrifies me. But in a good way. I think.

More details later, but it would be a ton more fun if there are other people along for the ride.... anybody else want in?


  1. Oh my gosh Claudia! The flooding looks so scary! My thoughts are with you and your family. Stay safe!

  2. *ahem* you never did tell us about the school....

    I can't wait to hear about this new novel. And PLEASE show us the Lady Room :) Is it all pink and girly?

  3. Poor ole' Jay - that's a shame for him to get all psyched, only for him not to then get any of the houses (but on the other hand - sigh of relief - it stops your life from becoming too crazy quite yet). A Lady Room?! No, you didn't tell us about this (you hinted about wanting a place of one's own..but I didn't know it had happened. Photos necessary methinks! Hipster or Cath Kidston? I still have the image of the day your bedroom went floral and you posted it, stuck in my head!) Didn't realise the flooding was down your way (says me, showing my geography of that part of the world) - really hope it stays at bay. And a novel in a month?! Never a dull moment in your house! Someone else I know has just completed the challenge (in Jan) - and she loved it ( I don't have a novel in me. At this point in time I barely have a sentence of sensible thought. But you have stacks of ideas I'm sure.. looking forward to hearing how it all goes.. Will be watching this space.. M.x

  4. Really? You can start with no plot? Because that's all that's ever kept me from writing, is the whole imagination thing. I like putting words together. I might be in. But I'd have to be nuts.

  5. Um, if Jay is looking for property on higher ground, I wouldn't discourage him! Yikes. Have the kids had swimming lessons? As far as the licking things goes, maybe snorkel masks? 'Cause we still have the licking thing occasionally, although mercifully it seems to just stuff indoors now.

  6. Best of luck with your writing! Can't wait to see what comes of it.


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