Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Complain about Commenting Software HERE

Okay, so the people at IntenseDebate got back to me, promising that they have now fixed the glitch that caused me to delete their software a fortnight or so ago. I'm going to try installing it again, because I'm clearly some kind of masochist. (And I do REALLY LIKE being able to reply to comments).

Anyway, dear readers, I'm going to ask you a really big favour. I'm leaving this post with the normal blogger commenting system turned on. IntenseDebate comments should reactivate with the next post, once I've installed the new template. So if you find that you would like to comment on future posts but are unable to, please click back to this post and tell me. I know it's a pain, and you have better things to do, but think of it as your good deed for the day. I'll leave a link on the sidebar.

Your reward for another post about commenting software is this incredible website. It's just beautiful. But you have to wonder what she's doing to that baby to get her to sleep for long enough to do this. Hat Tip: my sister.

And while I'm breaking my 'no more metablogging ever again' rule, I remembered something I meant to say last time. Some of you don't have your blogger public profiles enabled, and it means that we can't see your blog. (Kerry in Oregon, I'm talking to you!) You comment, I click on your name to go across to YOUR blog and say hi and... there's no link. If any of you do have a blog, but it's not visible when someone clicks on your name, I'd love it if you could leave a link. If you don't mind sharing, of course.

Coming up next... more from choose your own adventure blogging . I've now done #5 and #2 from the list and I'm feeling a bit like I'm beginning to take myself a bit too seriously. So I think that next up will be #8: Photographing Babies. Because nothing says Not Serious like accidentally lying down in dog poo to get the perfect angle. Not that this has ever happened to me. Obviously.


  1. I'm leaving a comment so that the system will remember to leave the blogger native comment system in place.

  2. about what, dearest??
    (I've just installed and uninstalled my template so many times that I'm pretty confused myself. I've no longer got any idea whether this makes sense anymore).

  3. And a request to you - please check the box in your blogger profile so I can email you back!!!

    LOVED that website.

    First thing D says is "that lady obviously doesn't have twins" LOL

  4. What box, marcia, what box???

  5. I'm with style spy, I'm confused by this sentence "so if you find that you are unable to comment on future posts but are unable to, please click back to this post and tell me." Huh, what? I am old and feeble minded Claudia, you must keep that in mind. I confuse easily. ;-)

  6. ummm... that first 'unable' should have been 'would like to'. Or something. I've now edited the sentence to read:
    So if you find that you would like to comment on future posts but are unable to, please click back to this post and tell me.

    Does that make sense? I've honestly got no idea anymore.

  7. Claudia, I have a private blog which I'd love if you wanted to read. I love your blog and think you have a wonderful thinking head on your shoulders!

  8. Ahhhhhhh, that makes soooooo much more sense, Thank you Claudia!

  9. I am honored to be mentioned by name. No blog - just stupid, long facebook wall posts (you can friend me - Kerry Mullin). I really, really am considering a blog and will let you know if it happens. In the meantime I will continue to leave ridiculusly long comments on YOUR blog.

  10. Hi Claudia. I commented on the photography background post yesterday and it hasn't shown up yet. Not sure if that means it's not working or if you still need to approve posts.

  11. Thanks so much Karen!

    It does indeed mean that it is not working. Gaaaaah, I'm hopping mad about it actually! All my comments are being sent to someone else's blog. Fortunately, she was nice enough to tell me about it but we cant' do anything until tech support wake up on monday.

  12. See, I thought my comment on the photo post got deleted because I cracked on someone's photo. Good to know that isn't (exclusively) the reason it isn't there.

    Oh, and *also* do me a solid and join up on facebook. I've looked for you by name, blog name & email address (not that I'm stalking you or anything) so if you are there you are *very* incognito. I don't have the time to blog any more (but I just discovered wordpress for blackberry which may be the saving grace for my blog) so friend me already, woman!

    Any chance you would be in the US the first weekend of November? Lots of people that I'm sure you would love will be there (all in one place, that is, not all spread out like they usually are). Incredibly long shot, I know but I still thought I'd ask....

    See, if you were on facebook, this could all have been there instead of cluttering up your blog.


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