Friday, 8 January 2010

Go on, you know you want to

So, three different blogs I've been reading have announced that this week is International Blog Delurking week. Actually - four! Just found another one. (Gotta say - I'm really wondering - who decides these things? I mean, if I decided that it was international 'send money to Claudia' week, would that work?)

Anyway, I feel a bit shy about this but I've decided to join in. I've got statcounter (there's a little button at the bottom right) so I know that people read this from all kinds of crazy places. And hey, you all know a lot about me by now. And I know nothing about most of you. My own fault, for writing a blog I guess, but I'd love you to say hi. Who are you and where are you from? How did you find me? Are you my social worker? (Please say no).

It won't hurt at all. I promise.

And I've done my homework - here are the next set of pictures. I'm already finding doing this every day more of a challenge than I expected. In a good way, I think. I wouldn't have any of these photos from the last four days if I hadn't decided to do this, and already it's hard to believe that it was really THAT SNOWY earlier in the week.

05 January

06 January
I swear, my head isn't really this big. I think the lesson here is don't take self-portraits with a compact camera.

07 January
best coffee in town. Also shiniest bar.

08 January
Can I have a price check on a disgruntled baby, please?
(By the way, it turned out that the checkout assistant you see here is a twin! She liked our babies. Her twin lives in another country and she misses her a lot. It was a nice conversation).


  1. Your pictures are so much fun! I have no idea how I found you or you found me, but I am so glad I/you did!

  2. hmmm... don't even know how I found you. I'm from Minnesota. My IP address is usually Rochester. I am not your social worker. I wish I was, so I could go to postplacement visits and meet your adorable children!

    Speaking of national days that I didn't know exist, last night I learned that George Bush senior proclaimed a "National Tapdancing Day" in honor of a famous tapdancer. The power of a president, I guess.

  3. OK, I'll reluctantly de-lurk =). You know exactly where I am - you've even sent me a lovely gift (NOTE TO SELF: must complete craft it forward). I don't remember how I found you but if I had to guess it would be from Julie's blog.

    Side note: How much have those little twinkies grown in the last, oh, 3 hrs??? Looks like leaps and bounds.

  4. I am a firm believer in delurking. I get so many hits a day from places all over the world and about 5 people ever say anything. I would i could convince people to say hi and let me know how they found me. i am too afraid that if i post wanting them to do so they will go on ignoring the comments section anyway and then I will feel lame. I can't remember if I found you or you found me first. I think you found me. Woo hoo for adoption blogger network!

  5. I'm a fairly new reader - who bumped into your blog via a blog roll on another blog I was reading about Ethiopian Adoption. My husband and I live in Boston and are just beginning the process of adopting from Ethiopia. It's been wonderful to read your experiences and to see such gorgeous babies both happy, healthy and incredibly squishy.

    I find your intellectual and honest writing style very refreshing to read.

    So, thanks!

  6. I found you on someone's blogroll (who I don't read - I remember I was surfing) and stayed because your writing is so refreshing and your babies are so cute!!!

    well done on the photos - I've been snapping away, just not posting. WIll have to do this weekend!

  7. Hi Claudia, I'm delurking - found your blog from Rana's. Your twins are GORGEOUS!


  8. Not de-lurking at all. Just chiming in as usual. I like this idea. Very revealing. How did I find you? From a blog roll somewhere, somehow along the way. I am very glad I found you. Your writing is fantastic, you know, I'm a huge fan, especially now that the photos have gotten to be so filled with cuteness.

  9. hey... you know delurking needed here. I LOVE your photo project! Makes me happy. They are getting so to see that isn't it? Do they have delicious wrists yet...just wait :-) And how cute are those sweater/hat combos!

  10. I have commented frequently so no need to delurk. But if this is supposed to be a roll call, well hey "Here." Kerry in Oregon. Probably found you through "Eyes of My Eyes..." "Dandies in the Sunshine" or "The Road to Our Own."
    Finished our homestudy this week. Social worker says we will probably have a referral by the end of the month. Freaking out.
    Love the pics.

  11. Hmmmmm, I'm sure I came across your blog some time ago by going click-happy on someone's-someone's-someone's blogroll. Isn't that fun?

    Anyway, I comment all the time. Well, sometimes I'm pretty sure.

    I'm Sarah from Ontario, Canada and our request is a single child or twins under 12 months so I'm definitely following your journey!

  12. I try not to be a lurker and I try to post a comment every now and again. I love your blog. I found it through Eastiopians blog, and I started reading when you were still waiting for a referral. I'm in Virginia.

    The babies are GORGEOUS. The great thing about the every day pic for a month project is for us, as readers, to see how they somehow grow more and more beautiful by the day. It's amazing, isn't it? Just when you think they've maxed out on beauty, there they go again!

  13. I've posted before, so I only sort of lurk. I love your blog. Can't remember how I found it. I'm a mom of 2 bio and 2 adopted kids (one International adoption from India). Keep on writing!

    Pam from Columbia, South Carolina

  14. I've posted pretty often, so I wouldn't be classified as a lurker, but I'll check in. Karen from Massachusetts. I'm not your social worker and sooo glad you're not mine. I think I followed you over from a post you made on my blog, but I'm not sure. The blogs we have in common are Polly's, RB's, and Shelby's, so maybe I found you there or you found me there. I love your babies, btw, They are too cute. They've grown so much!

  15. La la la LOVE the pics! That pricecheck would read "priceless!" They are SO cute. I don't know how I found your blog, but it was over a year ago. It has been a blessing to connect with you via blog. I am from Tennesse. yeeeehaw! ;)


  16. Oh, I was also a happy recipient of a craft it forward from you. *big smile*


  17. I don't know how I found you but am thrilled I did. I'm from the Dirty South, aka Atlanta, but more precisely Alpharetta where everyone goes to live after they have kids. You know, for the schools.

    Your babes are delicious. I

  18. I'm not a delurker, but I usually post with a different name! I've been reading your blog for a long time now..I love love love that 'price check' photo--don't slap me for being too cheesy, but I know it would have come up "priceless."

  19. Ok, I guess I'll de-lurk too! :) I'm interested in Ethiopian adoptions so I probably found your blog via someone else's adoption blog. My IP address will usually show up as Atlanta altho I'm actually in a suburb outside of the city.

    Anyway, I don't actually have a blog (yet) have been looking into adopting from Ethiopia in a few years.

    Your twins are so darn cute - I LOVE seeing pics of them!! You are one lucky moma! ;)

  20. I don't remember how I found you either, but I'm glad I did! I'm reading from Boston, Massachusetts.

  21. funny but this is my first day here and i'm the responder type of person so...not really de-lurking but saying hi and i love the photos! i found you through evelyn's blog roll. i definitely blog surf.

    i'm reading from the hudson valley in new york.

    great idea by the way. i know i have visitors from all over but the same 12 people comment and i know exactly who they are (hey evelyn, julia, staci, Liz and christine!

  22. Not a lurker, but chiming in anyway. Not sure how we found each other, but know we have been following each other "forever". (-; Love all the pics and am glad you are doing the photo project. The shots you end up with will be well worth the effort!

  23. Hi Claudia! You know me, but I am de-lurking anyway. I have nothing but love for your family, and I am a huge fan of you:o) Plus, you made me awesome jewelry!

    Hello from Boston!

  24. I don't know how I found you, but I'm from Australia and probably show up as being in Adelaide when I'm really in Melbourne.

  25. Hi,

    I never really thought of myself as a lurker, but since I only comment on 1 other blog, I guess I am, I'm gail, I am Rana's ( from Ranavan's Journey To Ethiopia) cousin from B.C.

    Love your blog, I found it through Rana's. I've been enjoying following your journey for a while now.

  26. Just found your blog today via another adoption blog of Ethiopian twins (little ethiopia(n), I think). My husband and I live in Nashville, Tennessee, and are on the front end of the adoption process. We'd really love twins as well. I so appreciate you sharing your story! If it's possible to be better prepared for this journey, you and other blog writers like yourself are helping us newbies find our way. So thank you.


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