Wednesday, 13 January 2010

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

After about four weeks off (remnants of annual leave + paternity leave), J has had to return to work. It didn't feel like we were on holiday while he was off - I got used to having him around and two adults caring for two babies felt about right.

Ha, ha, ha. Because now he has gone back, and needless to say, I am already absolutely fried. Not helping is the fact that we have the deepest snow I've ever seen in the 9 years I've been in the Northern Hemisphere, and I can't leave the house because two babies is one too many to fit in my sling, I can't use the pram, and now isn't the right time to take the car out with the babies for the first time. I am getting bored, people. Very, very bored.

Anyway, enough moaning, more of the wordlessness.

09 January

10 January

12 January

13 January

I took a picture on the 11th, but it's part of a series which needs a separate post.

I'm going to try to restrict posting these to Wednesdays from now on - I promise this isn't about to turn into a photoblog. But doing this has really made me regret that I didn't take more photos in the first few weeks we had the babies with us. And yes, I know that I was having a total meltdown, but I still wish I had more of them looking really tiny. And it made me realise that often, it's only with hindsight that you think 'oh, if I had done xxxxx every day / week / month that would have created so many nice memories'.

So anyway, I'm wondering - those of you who are ahead of me in this game, what have you done in terms of memory-making that you have been really glad you did? And those whose babies are yet to come, have you got any fabulous plans that I can steal? I've ordered some stickers from here that I plan to use for a 2010 January to December 'watch us grow' series, which should be fun (and will take care of 12 of my 365 shots, if I continue this madness). But I would love more ideas. Save me from my snowy boredom!

(By the way, thank you so much to those who delurked, as well as those I've already grown to know and love over the last year or so. I've now got some new blogs to follow!)

(Okay, this turned out to be quite a wordy wednesday).


  1. Don't you love the hurricane hair? I swore, swore, swore I was going to take a picture of my daughter's hurricane, and I never did, despite the fact that her nickname was Hurricane Jane. So you are already ahead of me when it comes to memory making (see how I turned that into a Mama competition?)
    My mother bought me a journal with my daughter's name on it. I committed to writing in it every night from her first birthday until her second. Writing can be really brief ("you ate french fries for the first time tonight") or longer. I am also putting pics in there, because in general I keep everything else electronically. I am too much of a perfectionist for scrapbooking... my quest to be perfect prevents me from getting started. But the journal is easy. And hey, she is going to find out sooner or later that her mother can't spell, so it might as well be in her journal.

  2. That head shot is freaking amazing.
    Snow, indoors, turns into serious boredom.

    I write a journal for my kids. A separate one for each. I try to write 3 times a month, sometimes more with the older one now taht she says funny things and her journal is mostly now me writing the stuff she says. I write what they like don't like, observations about their growth. I am SO happy I did it because I read back when my 3 year old was 5 months and think "Oh yeah, I forgot that week she was sick but learned to roll over and she threw up in Dad's face."

  3. Gorgeous photos - did you see? I also started but on a separate blog.

    Anyway, the 10 Jan pic is just GORGEOUS - I want to hug those babies of yours.

    I have two journals for them... but I'm not a journalling sort of person so entries (not daily) are really, really brief "Kendra moved to Pampers 2 today" :)

  4. Your photos are wonderful. I love the one of the four of you all stacked up! Sweet.

    I also do most of my memory making with my camera and videos. Scrapbooking would burden my head too much. Please, I have enough unfinished projects stacked up. For Christmas I did photo albums for a lot of people and they were such a big hit. Plus, I view my blog as kind of a journal.

  5. Oh, they make my heart hurt. In a good way. I was just thinking this morning (after 2 rather unpleasant days), "Boy, baby pictures would be really good about now..."

  6. Your photos are absolutely amazing! Of course, you've got some nice subject matter :)

  7. I love the hair picture- and love that Kerry called it hurricane hair. How I wish we would have taken a picture of Hurricane Solomon- it even moved around his head. Now? Now we have beautiful rows of curls. We'll be taking that picture today, thanks to you...!

  8. completely understood. i got a week with hub - not enough


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