Saturday, 22 November 2008

Things that Rock Thursday - blend it, baby

I know, I know - some people would say that it is not actually Thursday today. Who knows - those people may be right. But the last few weeks have been spent in a dizzying, nausea-inducing, day-of-the-week-forgetting whirlwind of work, and I figure I've spent enough time at the office in the last few days to claim that, whatever everyone else says, I'm up to next Thursday already. The only thing that gets me through the spreadsheety melee is a daily visit to the university's smoothie shop, where I can buy an enormous jugful of pureed fruit for a very reasonable price and consume a week's worth of vitamins in about five minutes. This time of year is always like this, so it's the only time I allow myself to break my 'one smoothie a week' rule and just go fruit crazy.

In fact, I'm so much in the smoothie zone that when I went into Aldi earlier to get milk I noticed they had pineapples for 69p, as well as ridiculously out-of-season raspberries and decided that even though I'm not at work, today would be a smoothie day as well.

Cold as it is, dont' you just want to drink this (#8: mango, apple and orange)?

This is not a photo of me, by the way (how weird would THAT be, if it turned out I was actually a man? Let me assure you I am not) but rather my cooperative friend from work, C, who also enjoys the occasional trip down smoothie lane.

Before I go to blend myself into a pineapple and raspberry frenzy, I'm going to switch gear and link you to two posts I read this week that really made me think (okay, they made me cry). Here is Misty (Journeying Sojourners) on the whole adoption / pregnancy thing, and Anna (Team Stager) on waiting. Highly recommended!

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