Saturday, 31 August 2013

You're Invited!

I'd probably better warn you that I have decided this week, when Hypothetical Future Baby is released, is going to be BOOK WEEK. I'm going to post incessantly about book things for the next week AND THEN I WILL STOP. I promise. But where better to start than with an invitation to a book launch?? 

Everybody is invited! Tell your friends. 

There wasn't enough space to explain this properly on the invitation (because OBVIOUSLY, I needed to leave lots of space for that glittery circle) but I'm going to be giving away a ton of my favourite adoption books as part of the book launch. A few copies of a different book every hour. 

I may possibly make you post pictures of your drinks to get giveaway entries. Possibly. Anyway, here are the details. I'll post the book blurb from the back cover tomorrow! 

Please come! A note about the facebook thing - the book page is public, so you don't have to friend me on facebook in order to come. (If you DO want to friend me though - and that would be great - click on the f button on the right of this blog and you'll get my profile). 

See you there, I hope! 

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