Thursday 20 December 2012

Ungracious Grace

I've been sick again (hence the lack of posts). Nothing dramatic, just the low-grade yeuch that so often accompanies December. I've been dragging myself around and today's dinner was the last straw. I don't liiiiiiiiiiiiike it!     Really? I'm not actually that interested in whether you like it, my dearest sweetheart. I just want you to eat it. Nobody is coming out of this evening well so far. 

Here's Pink on the beach last week, and this pretty much sums it all up. So, here's tonight's pre-dinner grace, verbatim. 

Dear Lord, Thank you for this food. Please help Mummy not to be cranky at Pink and Blue. You know how hard Mummy finds this time of day. You know that Mummy finds it especially hard not to get upset when they tell me that they don't like their dinner when they haven't even tried it. Especially when Mummy feels sick and it was very hard work to make dinner. And Mummy is letting them eat it as a picnic as a Very Special Treat. Please help Pink and Blue to eat all their dinner and not complain. Please help Pink and Blue to understand how important it is to eat good food. 

And also please help Mummy to stop being so passive-aggressive during mealtime prayers. 
In Jesus' name, Amen. 

I'm thinking I probably should have stopped after the first sentence. 

Now they have left their food on the floor and Pink is dancing to Two Door Cinema Club while Blue brushes my hair with the tangle teezer as I type. They'll be terribly hungry in the morning (if you don't eat your dinner in this house you don't get anything else), but Friday is my day at work and ehhhhh... that's Jay's problem. 


  1. I love your passive aggressive prayers.

    I pray like that too (regularly!). Tonight, "and Lord, thank you that Connor is KIND and GENTLE and SPEAKS NICELY TO HIS MUMMY and doesn't HIT or PINCH in Jesus' name, Amen"

    They must be starving! :) but hey, once you skip out of there, it's not your problem!

  2. Oh my dear, I sooooooo understand your frustration. My DD asks me every night while I am cooking (yes, I cook EVERY NIGHT) "what's for dinner?" and when she asks it she is poised to complain. I will admit to not telling her sometimes just to give myself the five extra minutes of peace.

  3. Glad I am not the only one who prays at my children more to God sometimes. I hope he understands...

  4. Best prayer EVER. I may need to adapt it to suit my own parenting needs. I will figure out a way to credit you at the end, prior to the amen. Perhaps something like, "And I thank you, God, that Claudia is so wise a praying woman as to give me ideas for my own prayers." Or, "May you bless Claudia with ever more wisdom as she guides us all in prayer." Unless you prefer something more subtle, which, if the above prayer is any indication of your preferences, I am assuming you do not.

  5. Love the prayer, and I share your mealtime frustration. Mine last night was trying to get dinner prepared in the midst of "mommy, mommy, mommy!" every five seconds. (Brad's been out of town.)

    Hope you feel better soon.

  6. Am thinking I might start praying.


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